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class 1 ships race symbol
  AP/LP   manpower   warp   needed research 
(1/1) 1 - shipyard

The fighter is a basic class 1 ship that is versatile enough to be used in almost all fleet configurations. It's low cost and balanced attack / defence attributes make it especially valuable when used in combination with more advanced class 1 ships as a distraction to enemy ships or as a modified fighter with higher AP or LP depending on the support ships used with it.

blockade runnere-ray-technology
(1/2) 2 - advanced tactics

This heavy armored fighter is immune against some ships, like the interceptor and spectre...

retreat fightere-ray-technology
(0/1) 55 - advanced tactics

It commands the whole fighter fleet to break up the operation with a big explosion that destructs the retreat fighter. (caution! self destruction!)

bulk fightermycilloid-technology
(2/4) 3 - advanced tactics

This mycilloid fighter uses an extremely resistent fungusshield and has a weapon of powerfull proto-plasma

(0/3) 1 - advanced tactics

Has no cannons, but stronger shielding

(1/1) 2 - advanced tactics

A fighter that increases the attack points of two ships by 1

fighter escortkazuuula-technology
(1/1) 2 - improved field theories

A fighter that increases the shields of 3 standart-fighters by 1 lifepoint each

(1/1) 16 - improved field theories

With a heavy particle blast it deals 2 damage to all ships in class 2 and 3 in your and the enemy fleet. Only one hammer can be active, all additional hammers will be destroyed. (caution! self destruction!)

(0/1) 5 - leadership

The sporator is spreading a spore cloud around all class 1 and class 2 ships, they are all getting +0/+1 and all other sporators in your fleet explode (caution! self destruction!)

bounty hunterhuman-technology
(0/1) 4 - leadership

The bounty hunter can destroy an enemy ship completely that already has been damaged (it is ineffective against buildings and the holo-fleet-carrier)

(1/1) 10 - leadership

If commando-fighter takes its turn, all following fighters get double firepower. But it will obliterate all commando-fighters in your fleet, so only one commando-fighter will be active, all others just increase the chance for them to get their turn at all. (caution! self destruction!)

(0/1) 1 - leadership

The interceptor is a special ship to wipe out class 1 ships, but it's useless against ships of other classes. It deals 1 damage to two enemy ships each

(1/2) 12 - holo technology

The evaporator emits a high frequency holo-beam to absorb an enemy's energy whenever it gets modified. As a result it redirects the energy into a holo-drain device that destroys one enemy vessel ...more

(0/10) 45 - holo technology

Equipped with a holo projector, that materializes a whole fleet with ships of all classes. (50 fighters, 10 destroyers, 1 cruiser and 1 mothership) the holoprojections all have an attack and defense of 0/1. This class 4 ship acts in class one

(0/1) 1 - emp technology

Capable of jamming one enemy ship.

(0/1) 4 - improved targeting

This ship deploys a mine (0/1) between the enemy ships of class 2 that deals 10 damage to an enemy ship.

sabotage fighterkazuuula-technology
(0/1) 1 - improved targeting

Deals one damage to a class 2 ship

nano bombernanite-technology
(0/1) 2 - improved targeting

This ship destroys one class 1 ship and the broken pieces of the explosion do 1 damage each to two ships. But it's useless against ships of other classes.

(35/1) 1 - fanatic warfare

Under self destruction it deals 35 damage to one enemy ship, but also destroys two more ships of your own fleet. (caution! self destruction!)

(4000/1) 150 1 fanatic warfare

Destroys one ship or building but also your whole fleet. It can travel on its own, with warp 1, but it is an easy target, so one fighter can make it explode and destroy your whole fleet in an atomic explosion (it destroys your buildings too, so do not keep it at home) (caution! self destruction!)

(0/2) 25 - science recycle methods

This ships creates 10 holo cruisers (0/1) in the enemy class 3 and 1 holo mothership (0/1) in the enemy class 4

(4/1) 1 - science recycle methods

A stronger fighter, that recycles itself at the end of any fleet confrontations (caution! recycle!) recycles only if a class 4 battle happens

lucy devicekazuuula-technology
(0/1) 2 - science recycle methods

This mighty EMP-device, that can jam three enemy vessels, is carried by two fighters. It can only be used once. After the battle only two fighters remain

class 2 ships race symbol
  AP/LP   manpower   warp   needed research 
(10/10) 8 - shipyard

A medium sized battle ship. A destroyer is always a good standard attack ship

graze reactormycilloid-technology
(0/10) 20 - improved computer technology

Breeds up to 7 grazers (7/10) until it gets shot. (caution! self destruction!)

mobile repair botnanite-technology
(1/10) 5 - improved computer technology

Repairs one class 2 ship. The ship that is under fire gets back its full lifepoints

(0/10) 60 - advanced tactics

Just like the retreat figther, this ship selfdestructs but also ends the class 2 battle (caution! self destruction!)

(2/10) 4 - advanced tactics

Modified destroyer with a smaller cannon

shield generatore-ray-technology
(0/2) 4 - improved field theories

A defense system that detects impacts on your ships. If a ship is not destroyed, It immediately generates a shield around it. If the first hit destroys the ship, The shield comes too late to save it. If a ships is protected this way, it is dimensionally displaced and keeps alive A sub-space carrier wave to the remaining ships nearby (in the same class). If all other ships in that class are destroyed, it looses the carrier wave, thus it Cannot return to normal space directly. In that case it will return at the end of battle. ...more

HQ invader
(0/10) 150 - transwarp-network

This ship carries 120 capture the flag troopers

defense transport
(0/10) 4 - the genesis project

Carries one defense structure units to defend the colony. This will only defend the colony, thery cannot attack enemy colonies

infantry transport
(0/10) 4 - the genesis project

Carries one infantry unit for colony battles

tank transport
(0/10) 4 - the genesis project

Carries one combat vehicle unit for colony battles

pirate shiphuman-technology
(0/5) 15 - leadership

Steals the actual enemy ship, but only for the actual battle

(10/6) 8 - leadership

If this ship is jammed it will destroy 2 enemy vessels

(1/10) 11 - leadership

This commando ship modifies 4 ships to gain more firepower (+5)

(0/10) 400 - gravity

The spectre emittes a heavy shock wave that deals one damage to 1000 class 1 ships in both fleets.

(10/10) 50 9 gravity

Can provide a warp-field that cannot be used by other ships

(0/5) 12 - holo technology

Makes a holographic clone of the actual enemy ship. ...more

combat reconstructormycilloid-technology
(2/10) 6 - gravobionics

Reconstructs two class 1 ships

(0/10) 14 - emp technology

Can jam 3 enemy ships

(10/10) 10 - emp technology

This ship jams 4 enemy class 3 ships when it gets modified.

(0/4) 20 - nano technology

This construction-ship cannot shoot, but it can mount a module on a c-cannon-platform. That platform gets 70 additional attack points for each mounted module (see c-cannon-platform)

(0/10) 16 - nano technology

Splits itself into 3 troika modules

(0/10) 10 - improved targeting

A destroyer with a missile-launcher that shoots a missile (17/1) into class 3

(0/10) 6 - dark tactics

This ship carries 10 spy-troopers that will use their own landing vessels to reach the surface

(0/10) 6 - dark tactics

This ship carries 10 comando-troopers that will use their own landing vessels to reach the surface

(0/10) 6 - dark tactics

This ship carries 10 com-troopers that will use their own landing vessels to reach the surface

(0/10) 6 - dark tactics

This ship carries 10 probe-troopers that will use their own landing vessels to reach the surface

(0/10) 6 - dark tactics

This ship carries 10 production-troopers that will use their own landing vessels to reach the surface

campaign shiphuman-technology
(0/10) 45 - fanatic warfare

A commando ship that will force your class 2 to attack again but it will destroy all campaign ships in your fleet, so only one can be active. caution! self destructs!

(10/3000) 18 - science recycle methods

Manual technology description for hydra

plasma emittermycilloid-technology
(0/10) 10 - science recycle methods

The plasma emitter reduces the firepower of 7 own ships by 1 And 7 enemy ships by 2. Mycilloid scientists used human genes from prisoners of war to invent this ship.

(4/5) 25 - science recycle methods

Releases 3 sporators for the next battle

armored corvettehuman-technology
(10/10) 12 - science recycle methods

This ship has a sturdy armor which cannot be penetrated by smaller cannons. The attacker needs to overmatch 10 lp to destroy it in one shot. The explosive reactive armor deflect shots of smaller guns that damage 1 own ship

flying saucerkazuuula-technology
(10/5) 16 5 science recycle methods

Can provide a warp-field that cannot be used by other ships

parasite frigatekazuuula-technology
(2/10) 12 - science recycle methods

Manual technology description for parasite frigate

(0/2) 8 - science recycle methods

Creates a space-time-anomaly: one ship on each side and 10 own class 1 ships are creating a reverse time-effect that causes the ships never to have been built at all. The crew of the ships doesn't know that the ships have ever existed. ...more

class 3 ships race symbol
  AP/LP   manpower   warp   needed research 
(100/100) 60 - shipyard

A heavily armored battleship, with a built in short-range torpedo destruction system. Each cruiser destroys one incoming torpedo (see warcruiser)

(0/100) 120 - improved field theories

This ship send out a deadly wave, which destroys 100 class one ships of any kind. The cyclops is commonly used in swank fleets, and has the power to launch mass destruction on class 1 based fleet setups.

apollo cruiserhuman-technology
(0/100) 85 - improved field theories

This ship does 10 damage to ten class 2 ships

cloud cruisermycilloid-technology
(50/100) 80 - leadership

By sending out clouds of metal enriched spores, the cloud cruiser makes it more difficult for targetting systems to lock on enemy ships, The effect is that the 4 next ships(both yours and the enemies) have virtual 1 extra lp.

(0/40) 55 - gravity

This vessel can transport an engineer team to a pre-warp planet. The team will install a wormhole portal on that planet which is linked to all other wormhole portals. It needs 50 credits to be build.

minor reconstructormycilloid-technology
(0/100) 100 - gravobionics

This ship collects scattered pieces of fallen mycelloid ships and reconstructs up to 100 class 1 and 10 class 2 ships. Only one minor reconstructor can operate and it will be destroyed if it's reconstructed

(0/500) 100 - shield generator

This sleek beautiful cruiser has no firepower, but excellent eray shielding

wings of terror
(0/100) 200 - colony star

This strategical bomber can attack colony ground units from orbit. It will reduce the defensive capabilities of the ground units (organization) ...more

(0/100) 70 - emp technology

Jams two enemy vessels but its emp-generator causes a time anomaly that moves 10 enemy class 2 ships a few minutes backwards through time. Already destroyed ships will reappear.

(10/50) 30 - nano technology

An enormous cannon, that can be enforced with extra modules (see c-cannon-module)

(0/60) 40 - nano technology

This ship deploys 10 battledrones. These battle drones are 1/1 fighters that are destroyed at the end of the class-combat. (caution! self destruction!)

plague shipnanite-technology
(50/200) 120 - nano technology

Emits a carrier wave that transmits nano viruses into the enemy fleet which cause the infected ships to self destruct in the next battle. So after the battle, there will be 100 class 1, 10 class 2 and one class 3 nano virusses in the enemy fleet. With large amounts of viruses up to half the fleet can be destroyed

(0/100) 65 - improved targeting

Generates a shock wave that deals 1 damage to 30 enemy ships. An important ship to counter missile attacks.

(200/500) 375 - improved targeting

This universal battleship was built to deal with every battlesituation. In addition to its normal shot it destroys 25 class 1 and 5 class 2 ships, send out a shockwave that deals one damage to 100 enemy ships and it has a torpedo-interception-system

(0/200) 100 - improved targeting

A cruiser with a powerful torpedo-launcher. The torpedo causes 180 damage-points. The warcruiser is ineffective against standard cruisers.

plasma gunshipkazuuula-technology
(0/100) 92 - improved targeting

This huge battle ship has a plasma gun mounted. It kills one class 3 target. ...more

(0/0) 4 - improved targeting

This vessel can jam enemy scans - on a deep scan probe it will cause a class 3 ship signature, but is has no effect in the battle. It will be destroyed before the battle starts. (caution! self destruction!)

armageddon devicehuman-technology
(0/100) 350 - fanatic warfare

Blasts itself to destroy all class 4 enemy ships and also your own class 4 ships. It's not easy to use this ship, but it can be a scary deadly weapon against ships. (caution! self destruction!) ...more

eye in the sky
(0/100) 200 - pyramid-device

This recon vessel is equipped with sophisticated surveilance technology, that scans the area for foreign fleet signatures like the deep scan probe. It is only fully functioning in interaction with a pyramid-device at your base. It is exposed a strong radiation that interferes with every cloaking technology, so a fleet with it cannot be cloaked and on battle contact it will disintegrate

class 4 ships race symbol
  AP/LP   manpower   warp   needed research 
(0/1000) 320 5 shipyard

A very huge ship containing a warpfield-generator. You need this ship if you want to travel across the galaxy.

cloak generator
(0/2000) 4850 - research center

A huge station that orbits your planet and Surrounds it with a cloaking shield, so that players are unable to attack you. This ship is very useful if you are going on holiday, or want time to research more technologies. Due to the high amount of manpower needed, you will not be able to attack anyone while the ship is active.

colony star
(0/500) 330 5 the genesis project

This ship can protect your troop transports and reconstrucst up to 7 transports of each kind.

(0/100) 600 - leadership

After the battle it seperates into 250 nano bomber that stay in your fleet. They are ready for the next battle.

(0/900) 1850 - gravity

This ship has a core that can create a black hole which destroys the doomstar and gulps all ships of class 1, 2 and 3 on both sides. (caution! self destruction!)

time slippere-ray-technology
(250/500) 1000 8 gravity

This ship is equipped with technology that can generate a faster warpfield

(0/200) 400 7 gravity

A fast warp ship with a semi-instable warp core. If a lowrider is involved in a battle, it will obliterate all class 3 and all other class 4 ships in your fleet.

fleet tenderkazuuula-technology
(0/500) 350 8 gravity

A fast warp-ship, but it cannot be used in battles because it has an instable warp-core that destroys the whole fleet if it gets enemy contact (even one enemy mothership is too much). (caution! self destruction!)

core drivernanite-technology
(0/250) 80 1 gravity

A simplified, slow and less armoured mothership

(0/2000) 4750 4 gravity

With this ship you can move your shipyard to another pre-warp-planet. It has a small defense system that destroys up to 400 class1, 120 class 2 and 4 class 3 ships. I each class fight it gets one attack on all these ships. ...more

(0/150) 200 - gravobionics

Recycles all ships in your fleet in a selfdestruction process. No points will be lost this way

major reconstructormycilloid-technology
(0/150) 550 - gravobionics

This ship collects scattered pieces of fallen mycelloid ships and reconstructs up to 7 class 3 and 1 class 4 ships. Only one major reconstructor can operate.

(0/100) 350 - emp technology

The bombus jams 5(all) enemy c4 ships and their special abilities. It´s simple and effective. Good for countering ships like the major reconstructor and pirate flagship. The bombus is in fact a special kazuulian-bred giant insect encased in a fragile aluminium carapace to protect it from the vacuum of the space. When charged by the emp-o-matic connected to its brain, the bombus accelerates its metabolism to mindboggling speed and releases a high-speed electromagnetic cloud that is powerful enough to penetrate even the thickest shields and temporarily disable all electronics in capital-class ships. ...more

shadow stare-ray-technology
(0/1000) 550 - improved cloaking technology

One of these huge ships can generate a sphere that cloakes the whole fleet.

pirate flagshiphuman-technology
(0/1000) 600 - improved cloaking technology

The crew of this ship has a special tactic: after the first battle this ship cloakes the fleet so it will not fight against possible other fleets at the same sector. So you can plan a hit and run attack where you only fight against one fleet