campaign ship
campaign ship (class 2 ship)
A commando ship that will force your class 2 to attack again but it will destroy all campaign ships in your fleet, so only one can be active. caution! self destructs!

Attack/life: 0/10
Manpower: 45

Researchtime: 3 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
fanatic warfare

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. self destructs!
    (battle engine syntax: sd)
  3. lets all ships in your fleet fight again, that were not destroyed
    battlemessage: "campaign ship distracts the fleet.
    all remaining ships reassemble for another strike after ... ships"

    (battle engine syntax: restart,self,campaign ship distracts the fleet.
    all remaining ships reassemble for another strike after)
  4. battle engine syntax: rogue,126

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T2: I'm missing something on the use of this ship. When the C2 fleet re-assembles itself after the campaign ship fires, does your remaining c2 ships attack enemy c3 or reattack the remaining enemy c2's ? Can someone explain how this ship is used ?
Rubens: the c2 again of course...even if you destroy all the c2 you fight vs 0 enemy's c2 which means the battle is over, but if you confront directly to the enemy's c3 then you can attack twice.

After ALLLLL the ships have fired, IF this ship have not been destroyed then ALLL your remaining ships get another turn WITHOUT giving another turn to the enemy. Is extremly a good ship by himself...but as you can see, nobody use it properly.

An example that could open your eyes

multi emp vesels + 50 destroyers+ CS vs 100 destroyers. By example...

You will, for sure, destroy all the destroyers if your campaing ship is not destroyed. Greetings
T2: Ok...I get it...this has to be used with MRB's ( not available in e-ray) or Shield Gens or Multi Emp Ships, as you say Rubens, for the Campaign ship to be effective. 99 destroyers and 1 campaign ship would not be a good combo or points effective against 100 enemy destroyers.
Rubens: i was are a player with knowledge but the noob with a minimium of knowledge(KoT +) that try to learn deserve an even more better example

400 eagles-1 campaing ship vs 100 destroyers

Yours 400 eagles destroy 80 destroyers.
He destroys 100 of your eagles...if he dosnt destroy the campaing ship, and it gets its turn, then all your ships will fire again, which means
300 eagles vs 20 destroyers
you destory all the 20 destroyers, but he dosnt even destroy you a eagle because his destoyers already fought
T2: I guess if you got lucky in fighting order, having this ship is cheaper than having 2 spectre's in 1 fleet but you should be able to get 2000 dead fighters with 1 spectre under the right conditions :)
Think I'll have a look and see what else would do a good job getting a "second poke" at the opponent by using this ship
DavAlan: Holo clones, multi emps, missile launchers, etc :P
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