evaporator (class 1 ship)
The evaporator emits a high frequency holo-beam to absorb an enemy's energy whenever it gets modified. As a result it redirects the energy into a holo-drain device that destroys one enemy vessel

The evaporator is an intergalactic ship with quad ion-emitting engines for thrust. created on a secluded pre-warp, in top secret move by the Eray Command Nexus, the ship was a retaliatory step against recent strategic moves made by opposing governments. with an increase in flagships dominating the use of more mobile fighters, the battles consisted of sheer power rather than overwhelming the enemy by mass units. to gain back the initiative in mobility and faster production, the evaporator was brought into light. knowing that the larger ships used stronger armor, a different approach was needed to penetrate the ships without increasing the size of the evaporator. in a breakthrough, a lone researcher discovered that they could absorb, emit, and weaken the enemy from the enemy's own weapon. by using a plasmic modulator and a modified Xoutory crystal armor, the evaporator can absorb some of the attack and then use the energy to power up a subspace, frequency holo-beam to disturb the opposing ship's shields. while the enemies try to remodulate their shields, the evaporator uses the remaining energy to activate a holodrain device that destroys the enemy ship. There are two transistors for the holodrain device as the evaporator can be attacked by two common weapons. one is by brute force and the other is some type of energy weapon that tries to destroy or modify the enemy ship. in any case, the holodrain device compensates by shifting transistors to forcefully rearrange the energy source to power the holodrain device.
in battle simulations, this ship proved valuable in situations where a lack of other smaller ships was present. thus, being able to attack the larger ships. logically, if a smaller ship tried to attack the evaporator, the evaporator will have a smaller retaliatory force to strike back due to the fact that it can only redirect power.
although the ship has been used to destroy bases, the ship failed because the small arms, these buildings were equipped with, were not enough to scratch the extremely tough armor. so, use against buildings is discouraged.

Attack/life: 1/2
Manpower: 12

Researchtime: 2 d
Buildingtime: 14 h

Needed research:
holo technology

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