sabotage fighter
sabotage fighter (class 1 ship)
Deals one damage to a class 2 ship

Attack/life: 0/1
Manpower: 1

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
improved targeting

Battle details:
modifies AP/LP by 0/-1 of 1 ship of any ship-type in the enemy fleet in class 2
battlemessage: "sabotage fighter starts mission"
and: "sabotage fighter destroys ... ships"
(battle engine syntax: mod,enemy,1,2,all,+,0,-1,sabotage fighter destroys,p,sabotage fighter starts mission)
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Metody I The Evil: I was wondering... If 10 of theese ships take their turn will they allways target the same class2 and destroy it?
BladeTech: that way they can take out eagles and destrouyers ryte? =)
Rubens: if u have 4600 sabtage fighter or 1200 mine deployers u need what the enemy attack all sabotage fighter or all mine deployer for this make their function.

because if this ship dont have turn u cant attack with this?
JaM: This is a class 1 ship that fires to a class 2 ship.

Let's say you have 100 fighters and 100 sabotage fighters and your enemy has 10 fighters and 20 destroyers.

The sabotage will fire at the destroyers in the class 1 vs class 1 battle. But when your fighters have shot all of the enemy fighters, then the class 1 battle will stop no matter if there are destroyers or not.

So this ship will only fires at class 2 ship in your class 1 battle. And that battle will be over if your enemy won't have any ships more to fight in his class 1 (or class 2,3,4 in a class 1 vs class 2,3,4 battle).

Do you get it?
Rubens: :)9 so if i have 4600 sabotage fighter and the enmy have 1 fighter only 1 sabotage fighter act in the battle? so is useless because 100 dstroyers vs 100 sabotage= u lose 100sabotage fighter or 99 and 10 destroyerS? and with the mine deployers is the same?
JaM: No, if you have ONLY 4600 sabotage fighters in class 1 and the enemy has 1 fighter then you will lose 1 sabotage fighter and the 4600 or 4599 sabotage fighters will fire all at class 2 because then the enemy fighter wouldn't be destroyed (sabotages fires at class 2). Mine deployers works the same way as sabotage fighters.
Rubens: so with a sporator the mine and the sabotage are too good. With a good target u can have 3 sporator 100 mine deployer 1 spectre a mothership and the rest sabotagfe
JaM: Watch out for interceptors
darklim: The Sabotage fighter is weak to fight class 1
darklim: I say the Sabotage Fighter not the Interceptor
And the Sabotage Fighter is weak to fight class 3
mackman: Yes you are right but it is only for fighting class 2 so I would never use it to fight class 3 or class 1.
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