armored corvette (class 2 ship)
This ship has a sturdy armor which cannot be penetrated by smaller cannons. The attacker needs to overmatch 10 lp to destroy it in one shot. The explosive reactive armor deflect shots of smaller guns that damage 1 own ship

Attack/life: 10/10
Manpower: 12

Researchtime: 3 d
Buildingtime: 15 h

Needed research:
science recycle methods

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. if this ship is hit it repairs the actual target ship of any ship-type in your fleet
    battlemessage: "unit repaired"
    (battle engine syntax: trigger_hit@repair,self,all,unit repaired,n@mod,self,1,this,all,+,0,-0.4,richochet destroy)

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Senor: GG eagles!

Love it! But yeah the mp cost has to be quite high. It will stop all c1 based fleets except kamikazes.

Put some of these together with a spectre and you have something really scary against c1.
spacetrace: i guess 100mp would be ok, but maybe some more balance would be needed
Senor: maybe give it a shuffle effect?
spacetrace: how about gives 3 own ships also 0/-1 if hit... it's like the shots ricochet off the armor (the reactive explosive armor hit 3 own ships :) )

so if hit ten times it kills 3 own class 2
spacetrace: i tested a bit around and it would behave smt. like this:

"armored corvette has a strong armor that cannot be penetrated by small guns, but it will damage 2 own ships due its explosive armor"

your class 2 vs enemy class 1: V ^
318 destroyers
122 fighter escorts
2099 fighters

72 explosives armors destroys 144 ships
122 fighter escorts vs 122 fighters
318 destroyers vs 318 fighters

2088 fighters vs 1 fighter escort
10 fighters vs 1 destroyer

you :
117 destroyers
28 fighter escorts
enemy :
440 fighters
score in this subbattle:

your class 2 vs enemy class 2: V ^
318 destroyers
122 fighter escorts
1097 eagles

36 explosives armors destroys 72 ships
122 fighter escorts vs 122 eagles
318 destroyers vs 318 eagles

1061 eagles vs 1 fighter escort
35 eagles vs 7 destroyers

you :
60 destroyers
19 fighter escorts
enemy :
440 eagles
score in this subbattle:
Senor: That's great. Its an effective and easily understandable drawback.
spacetrace: i think it is fun and well balanced against standart ships (not so good against fighters & destroyers)
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