intruder (class 1 ship)
A fighter that increases the attack points of two ships by 1

Attack/life: 1/1
Manpower: 2

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
advanced tactics

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. modifies AP/LP by +1/0 of 2 ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in class 1
    battlemessage: "intruder affected ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,self,2,1,all,+,1,0,intruder affected)

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Renard: Does it mean that it's able to make attack a holo-fighter ??
It would make a low-cost fighter with 0MP when you lost it ...
If it's so, it could be far more interresting if Icould be sure the intruders won't increase their own firepower, but I think the intruder is also affected. Sniff....
EXP: hmm, the battle engine says "modifies AP/LP by +1/0..."
does this mean, that even ships with 0/x get 1 AP? for example mosquitoes or other vesselt without AP?
sound interesting...!

Haganor of Djelas Prime
Commander Cody: Mosquitoes do for sure. Or did last round when I could build em.
EXP: wow, not bad... :smile:
so this means, an intruder makes two well-shieldes fighters out of two mosquitoes... i think i'll try to play a bit with this... :wink:

Haganor of Djelas Prime
darklim: Sound nice give +1/+0 to a mothership :)25

The best of Dark Caracas is here (Dark Caracas don't have people) prepare to .....
I forgot it..... Ehhh..... I don't remember that i will say..... Humm..... Ahhh.... Prepare to.... I don't speak english well!!!!.

Nemesis: no it doesn't, it only modifies ships in class 1 :wink:
masterp: in combination with commando-fighter and fighters it can be very ineteresting against bulk-fighters (for a human of course!)

darklim: Bulk Fighter+Commando Fighter+Intruder= A deadly combo.
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