jammer (class 3 ship)
This vessel can jam enemy scans - on a deep scan probe it will cause a class 3 ship signature, but is has no effect in the battle. It will be destroyed before the battle starts.
(caution! self destruction!)

Attack/life: 0/0
Manpower: 4

Researchtime: 2 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
improved targeting

Battle details:
self destructs!
(battle engine syntax: sd)
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wildwes11: I see this ship emits a signature of a class 3 ship (since it is a class 3 ship). I don't really see the point to this ship. I understand you can make it look like you have a lot of class 3. Is this the only purpose for this ship?

JaM: Yes the mp is only 4.
So you can easily add 25 'cruisers' on a dsp for the price of 1 cruiser. (at least that is what the enemy thinks)
Rubens: jammers never fight, they dont have a battle they auto self destruct before start of any battle so you cant fight with him,
darklim: This is just a phantom ship (Only work if the enemy have a DSP in your planet of something like that, you know).
The DSP will show how much class 3 you have ( If you build 20 Jammer and 1 Cruiser, the DSP will show 21 but in battle only the Cruiser fight)
The Jammer don't fight... Remember that
And yeah, you will lose 4 point for each Jammer in your fleet (Battle start and die)
darklim: If you are Nanite, having a lot of class 3 mean: Dreadnought, Apollo Cruiser and Cyclops
It is scary :grin:
Senor: here's a question.

could the jammer be used to cover your other c3 ships?

lets say i have 10 cruisers and 10 jammers and the enemy has just 10 cruisers. from the syntax of the jammer i read that it needs to get a turn to selfdestruct.
so lets say i'm lucky with the battle order and all my jammers get their turn before my cruisers.
so the battle order for me is 10 jammers 10 cruisers.
battle order for the enemy is 10 cruisers.

battle would go like this:
*enemy takes the first shot and destroys 1 jammer.
*one of my jammers takes its turn and selfdestructs.
*enemy cruiser destroys 1 jammer.
*one jammer gets its turn and selfdestructs.

and this continues until all my jammers are dead.
then i have 10 cruisers left and enemy has 10 cruisers left, but 5 of enemy cruisers have already taken their turn, so i destroy 10 cruisers and enemy destroys 5 of my cruisers. I get 300 points for those cruisers and if i deduct the cost of 10 jammers i win 260 points total from the c3 subbattle.

i know it says in the manual that jammers are destroyed before the battle, but from the syntax i read that it needs to get a turn to selfdestruct.
colinthecorgi: Unless something has changed, it vanishes before the actual battle takes place. Thing is, it "draws attention", so the enemy c3 is not allowed to fire on your c4 even if your c3 actually is empty when the c3 vs c3 battle takes place. So it can be a real tricky ship, but only once of course :)
DragonLilly: if this ship is allowed to take a turn and be fired upon then I do believe the MP needs to be severely raised to equal a c3 ship... that way the player attacking the jammers could actually make some points... 4MP isn't enough to put this ship into battle...

not saying like 60MP or more like the cruiser but make it something worthwhile rather then just 4MP...
Failtrip1: They just explode.They are of no use.No matter what battle happen they will explode.

yours: 216 ships
class 2:
53 destroyers (10/10, 8 MP)
46 mobile repair bots (1/10, 5 MP)
2 shield generators (0/2, 4 MP)
80 missile-launchers (0/10, 10 MP)
1 spectre (0/10, 400 MP)
class 3:
11 cruisers (100/100, 60 MP)
2 flamingos (0/500, 100 MP)
20 jammers (0/0, 4 MP)
class 4:
1 mothership (0/1000, 320 MP)

enemy: 138 ships
class 2:
67 destroyers (10/10, 8 MP)
48 mobile repair bots (1/10, 5 MP)
23 troikas (0/10, 16 MP)
your class 2 vs enemy class 2: V ^
53 destroyers
80 missile-launchers
2 shield generators
1 spectre
46 mobile repair bots
67 destroyers
23 troikas
48 mobile repair bots

80 missiles launched
26 units repaired
4 mobile repair bots vs 1 troika module
4 mobile repair bots vs 1 troika
4 mobile repair bots vs 1 destroyer
3 mobile repair bots vs 1 troika module
3 mobile repair bots vs 1 destroyer
3 mobile repair bots vs 1 mobile repair bot
2 shields generated
4 mobile repair bots vs 2 troika modules
2 mobile repair bots vs 1 troika
2 mobile repair bots vs 1 destroyer
4 mobile repair bots vs 2 mobile repair bots
21 destroyers vs 21 troika modules
7 destroyers vs 7 troikas
16 destroyers vs 16 destroyers
9 destroyers vs 9 mobile repair bots
6 mobile repair bots vs 6 troika modules
4 mobile repair bots vs 4 destroyers
3 mobile repair bots vs 3 mobile repair bots

23 troikas separate into 69 ships
20 units repaired
6 troika modules vs 1 missile-launcher
6 troika modules vs 1 destroyer
4 mobile repair bots vs 1 missile-launcher
27 troika modules vs 9 missile-launchers
12 troika modules vs 4 destroyers
18 troika modules vs 6 mobile repair bots
3 mobile repair bots vs 1 missile-launcher
3 mobile repair bots vs 1 destroyer
2 mobile repair bots vs 1 missile-launcher
6 mobile repair bots vs 3 destroyers
10 mobile repair bots vs 5 mobile repair bots
30 destroyers vs 30 missile-launchers
23 destroyers vs 23 destroyers
14 destroyers vs 14 mobile repair bots
11 mobile repair bots vs 11 missile-launchers
5 mobile repair bots vs 5 destroyers
4 mobile repair bots vs 4 mobile repair bots

you :
27 destroyers
39 missile-launchers
20 jammers
19 mobile repair bots
enemy :
16 destroyers
7 troikas
69 troika modules
9 mobile repair bots
score in this subbattle: -496
your losses:
class 2:
19 mobile repair bots
39 missile-launchers
27 destroyers
class 3:
20 jammers

enemy losses:
class 2:
7 troikas
69 troika modules
16 destroyers
9 mobile repair bots

score: -496
Senor: hm. ok. so they dont need to get a turn to blow up afterall. but how do they do it? it doesnt seem to be in the syntax. spacetrace, my baby, let me understand you.
Cloudgatherer: 1) Does the Jammer's effect work when its in a Base fleet or only for mobile fleets?
2) Am I assuming correctly that it jams ONLY the Deep-Scan Probe and not other probes?
admin: it jams all probes in all fleets (the base is also a fleet)

the jam-effect is, that it seems like there is one more ship in class 3.

although, if there is only this ship in class 3, there will be a class 3 balttle with it, so in some cases it could also prevent enemy class 3 ships from destroying your class 4 ships and buildings
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