cloak generator
cloak generator (class 4 ship)
A huge station that orbits your planet and
Surrounds it with a cloaking shield, so that players are unable to attack you. This ship is very useful if you are going on holiday, or want time to research more technologies. Due to the high amount of manpower needed, you will not be able to attack anyone while the ship is active.

Attack/life: 0/2000
Manpower: 4850

It has a cloaking device

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 1 d 12 h

Needed research:
research center

Battle details:
battle engine syntax:
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Manyac: What is it good for?
I don't get it! It consumes nearly all your MP
so what to do with it?
Lady Battle Cat: For what it is good! If you want to make some days vacation, your planet is protected by the cloak generator.
Manyac: How is it protected? It's just cloaked! and everybody knows that there can't be too much units left!
spacetrace: " manual


a cloaked fleet is invisible to other fleets and cannot fight.


admin: this ship is part of the game for the vacation mode.
durin summer it can be really important :smile:
see this:
and this:
Luis Abhorash: But the decloaking probe can let the fleets attack you no?
and I think that is a looooooooooooot expensive, it's good but is too much expensive, thats not fair :)16
well thats all
Luis Abhorash del Clan Dragon Sangriento
"El azote de los vivos" :)17
Captain Starlight: Its not expensive cos you dont need the ships cos you are on Holiday!!
Iain: I agree with Captain starlight,

but would a de-cloaking probe render the cg useless?
IceZoo: I know the message is old, but I would like to know the answer. If I go on vacation (which will happen) would the de-cloaking probe mess me up?
darklim: Who attacked you will get easy point from building (is the fleet is capable to destroy building).

And... 1 Cloak Generator is too expensive and you only have some ships. Not a trouble to a great fleet.
admin: decloaking probes will just decloak you for a second - no chance to attack you

and darklim - did you read, that this device is only for the vacation mode?
thats why it uses up nearly all of your mp :)23
BladeTech: so you cant be hurt at all if you have on your cloaking generator?
Nemesis: Its still to expensive, 'cos you won't have many ships left and when you recycle the cg and starts building a new fleet, you'll be vulnerable until it's ready.
kever: Im gona need that ship soon..
darklim: Hey, Admin. that say decloak, that no say that no have suficient time to attack. :)23
:)17 This will be bad news to that who use this :)20
noah: No it doesnt work like that. last round i had a guy near me cloaked and it said the de-cloaking probe was not powerful enough to de-cloak an entire planet.
Durago: if I was gone more than 8 days and had my planet cloaked on vacation and come back will the game make my planet abandoned?

like say i go on a 14 day vacation
MicroJak: I don't see the point of a cloak generator when you can use a decloaking probe to decloack it any way!!
Holy KNight: didnt you rea above? it wouldnt be possible to attack your planet still. it would decloak it for a second an thats it.
MicroJak: then what's the point if it just delcoaks for a second?
Holy KNight: because they cant attack in that amount of time. all you need to know is it works.
T2: I am thinking of trying the cloaking probe along with an alliance member on a prewarp base. Not for malicious purpose but to only see if possible.

If possible, it could make a frustrating time for an opponent as you could attack him and he could not retailiate except at your stripped down base planet.

2 or more members of an alliance can share a prewarp remote base. Can 1 guy cloak it protecting the prewarp from attack?

Will the cloaking probe be built by your shipyard located remotely or automatically at your base despite the shipyard being moved?
SpaceGamer: :P
Durango you can't hide from me forever! :)12

"if I was gone more than 8 days and had my planet cloaked on vacation and come back will the game make my planet abandoned?

like say i go on a 14 day vacation"

I will find you!

SpaceGamer :)24


Jack09 please start a planet I could use a good war right now. :)12
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