basic research
transwarp-network (class 4 building)
This is the accessgate to the transwarp-network between the planets of your alliance. Within the transwarptunnels you can travel at high speed.

Once you leave a tunnel the fleet continues with normal warp-speed.

Transwarp can only be used between alliance members which both have a transwarp-gate built.

Lifepoints: 100

Researchtime: 12 h
Buildingtime: 10 h

Needed research:
research center

Following researches:
  mobile TWG - 48 h

  HQ invader - 24 h

chrono mine (class 4 building)
A chrono matter mine, that produces chrono pods on colonies. If a colony is conquered all chrono pods and mines are destroyed. Only players can build a chrono mine, that have a colony score of 10 or above (conquest + foundation). Each player can only build one mine!

Researchtime: 0
Buildingtime: 0

com sat station
com sat station (class 4 building)
Enables an scan link to all pyramide devices of the empire

Researchtime: 0
Buildingtime: 0

defensive array
defensive array (class 4 building)
A defense system that destroys up to 200 class 1, 40 class 2 and 4 class 3 ships. In each class fight it gets one attack, so it varies in the damage depending on the number of class battles. This building cannot be rebuilt once it is destroyed.

Lifepoints: 500

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 1 d 12 h

research center
research center (class 4 building)
The intelligence facility of your planet.

If the research center is destroyed, you cannot start any new researches until a new building is completed. Destroying a research center gives the attacker 500 points

Lifepoints: 3500

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 1 d

Following researches:
  improved computer technology - 24 h

  advanced tactics - 24 h

  improved field theories - 0.1 h

  the genesis project - 0 h

  transwarp-network - 12 h

  vessel scan - 0 h

  cloak generator - 24 h

shipyard (class 4 building)
In the shipyard you build your ships.

Destroying a shipyard gives the attacker 500 points

Lifepoints: 3500

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 12 h

terraformer (class 4 building)
Terraformer for colonies

Researchtime: 0
Buildingtime: 0