cruiser (class 3 ship)
A heavily armored battleship, with a built in short-range torpedo destruction system. Each cruiser destroys one incoming torpedo (see warcruiser)

Attack/life: 100/100
Manpower: 60

Researchtime: 1 h
Buildingtime: 10 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. modifies AP/LP by 0/-10 of 1 torpedo in the enemy fleet in the same class
    battlemessage: "torpedo-interception detected"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,enemy,1,this,torpedo,+,0,-10,torpedo-interception detected,n)

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What about:

Heavily armored class 3 battleship, with a built in short-range torpedo detector/destruction system. Main ship used in class three for its all-round activeness. Available to all users, and races, as soon as an appropriate shipyard is built,
admin: the cruiser, a heavy heavy battleship, is the main class 3 ship. cruisers can be useful in class 3 battles, however they are very weak against class 1 and 2 ships such as penguins and destroyers. if one cruiser fights 100 destroyers, the outcome would be a loss of one crusier and one destroyer, because the cruiser can only fight one ship, while 100 destroyers together would eliminate the cruiser. every race can build cruisers and they are a good benchmark for other class 3 ships in terms of AP/LP.
T2: The standard Cruiser is the mainstay of Class 3 ships. At only 60 MP, this ship gives 100 AP and 100 LP providing good MP value.
This ship is most effective when fighting in it's own class 3 or class 4 battles.
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