troika (class 2 ship)
Splits itself into 3 troika modules

Attack/life: 0/10
Manpower: 16

Researchtime: 2 h
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:
nano technology

Battle details:
creates 3 troika modules in your own fleet in class 2
battlemessage: "troika separates into ... ships"
(battle engine syntax: create,self,3,2,troika module,troika separates into)
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admin: "Lord Bahamut

i think that the troika has a bigger cost of mp for his funtion,, i think that 12 mp is good and enoguht cost of mp for him"

admin: 16 mp is quite ok, because you have the ship itself and 3 more targets for the enemy ships for this. while the enemy destroyers shoot at your troikas, you can already go on and shoot with your modules.

Metody I The Evil: If you destroy all troika-modules, do you kill the troika itself? 'cause within my experience I killed many modules and very few troikas... I think it's logical that if all modules are destroyed, the troika also should be...
Luis Abhorash: Just send more ships Metody!!
Metody I The Evil: I'm doing that :wink:
Metody I The Evil: Hmm, admin, maybe you should change the troika a little...
So it should evolve in the 3 modules and then, at the end of the battle, 3 modules should evolve back into 1 troika...

For now, you get 4 class2 ships from just 1, that means like 100 troikas = 400 targets, 300 of which shoot, and are dummy targets, and the other IS a dummy target which must be shotted in order to get the points...
BladeTech: hmm..the troika sounds good. too bad i cant get it =( lol =)
Metody I The Evil: Well I can and if it's not changed, I'll start using it!!! :wink: MuHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
Commander Cody: I think they do turn back into troikas, but it dont show in the BR
Metody I The Evil: Nah... They're just created without the "stay" command in their battle-engine command, so they just dissapear after the end of the battle... I have a BR /somewhere :wink:/ where I killed 39 troika modules and 33 troikas :sad:
blackmagic: I love the trokia. if you know how to use it right you can win a lot of point=) i would tell you my stadegy but oh who cares. I'll give you a hint. it involves the hammer :wink:
BladeTech: lol. dont reveal all your secrets
darklim: I get point is I destroy the troika module?
BladeTech: i think you have to destroy all three modules to get points for one troika
Metody I The Evil: Nope... You get points only if you destroy the troika itself, and if it did split, it's still in the fleet as a ship - and that ship you have to hit to get points

@Blackmagic - well, I'm not saying I can't use it /as a matter of fact - I used it pretty nice last round :wink:
BladeTech: yep. thought so
kever: Im gona start using those troikas:)21 :grin: Btw ur awatar reminds me from Finland. :)20
BladeTech: mine? or metody's?
darklim: Troika is good to fighting class 2. The Fleet Tender is good fighting class 1 but the nanite need some ship that s good fighting class 3.
blackmagic: ahh man i let my too much of my secret. well maybe not. If anyone wants to join the masterHunters and you are a nanonit i'll show you =). Well melody, if you knew my fleet set up you would be wary. the trokia i good for class 3 attacks if you can get it to a class 2 and 3 battle
Bogart: "The Fleet Tender is good fighting class 1!!!"
:???: :???: :???:
Metody I The Evil: To be honest, I don't need it... Last round I made at least 7000 points thanks to the troikas - both in mine and/or enemy fleets...

But I STILL hate it! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, the only thing I hate more than the troika is... errrr... Aww come on now, there's GOT to be something I hate more than it... Errrrr...

Yup! The only thing I hate more than the troika is... Britney Spears!

Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :lol:
darklim: Is the new popular ships create by me.
The named Nano Bot have some news ideas that the admin like, the treshold is one.
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