wasp (class 2 ship)
This commando ship modifies 4 ships to gain more firepower (+5)

Attack/life: 1/10
Manpower: 11

Researchtime: 12 h
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. modifies AP/LP by +5/0 of 4 ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in class 2
    battlemessage: "wasp increased the firepower of ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,self,4,2,all,+,5,0,wasp increased the firepower of)

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Durago: so if i understand this...

the wasp will add firepower to even a c2 ship that normally would have no attack. like a shield generator.
al12: Yes it will.
RenéeAB: Correct and they will even create 5 ap HOLO DESTROYERS from any placed into your c2 from holo fleet carrier(s) :)7 :)12
al12: That may be hard to do but that is realy something to think about doing oneday :-) ( I could have used it on the fleet that's coming to me now, could have made even more points :)21 :P )
Durago: that gives a whole new spin on them holo ships. thanks
MicroJak: Can you have two wasps modifying 1 ship? Or if a ship has already been modified will it be able to be modified again? Because, it doesn't say anywhere :P.

Also I guess wasps aren't immune to evaps?
colinthecorgi: wasps are not immune.

As far as I have been able to tell, the wasps cannot cumulatively "wasp" the same ship. However, the "wasp effect" can be added to other effects, such as from sporation, plasma emitters etc. This is as much as I have been able to conclude from BRs.

An interesting question would be if a campaign ship could make them "re-wasp" the same ship, or perhaps "wasp" 5 more ships.

Another interesting question is cloning.
Let's say you have 10 clones and 2 wasps. If the clones go early, and clone c2 ships, will the wasps wasp the cloned c2? What if the clones clone a ship from another class, will the wasps "wasp" any of those, ever?
Senor: wasps buff the ship that is next in line from your ships i think. thats why they can't buff one ship more than once normally.
but if a campaign ship activates then i see no reason why a wasp couldn't rebuff a ship that has already been buffed. i'm sure that if a wasp gets a second go from a campaign ship then it will use its ability again. and if there is no shuffling going on (campaigns don't shuffle). then the same wasps will buff same ships.

about the clones i think they can't be buffed. because a holo-clone essentially uses another ships abilities on its own turn. so even if the holo-clone was buffed then the clone is not. and clones turn back into holo-clones as soon as their turn is over.
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