tank transport
tank transport (class 2 ship)
Carries one combat vehicle unit for colony battles

Attack/life: 0/10
Manpower: 4

Researchtime: 1 m
Buildingtime: 10 h

Needed research:
the genesis project

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
Related technologies:
  colony star

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DavAlan: IMHO something needs to be done about the absolute defenseless nature of this and the rest of the colonization mini-game as these new fleets are poor hapless clay pidgeons in the war game. :)3 Maybe start "charging it up" with some substantial space bound ap??? :)4
spacetrace: we are testing the gameplay and it is right like it is. It leads naturally to the bipolar situation : you cannot play both gamestyles at one time, because you would need to split your fleets, which would be ineffective for both needs. But that is totally wanted: be a pirate or be with the empirial forces.


this is evolving and is really no minigame (seems to be right now)- it will be included accordingly
Senor: i guess successful alliances will have to either have pirate members who protect their colony assets or even better have a system that would enable a colony alliance to hire mercs who hunt down those who prey on the colonising fleets. sort of like an economy.

basically, what i wanted to say is that its no problem that colonising players have a battle "handicap". it will encourage team play.

admin: which kind of reinforcements are good against which?
- defense units are good against tanks, not so good against infantry units.
- defense units cannot attack!
- tank units are good against infantry units.

spacetrace: inf. units are good against def. units :)
admin: "defense units cannot attack!"
does this mean, that if you deploy troops on an enemy colony, you should NEVER deploy any defense units? cause they are just destroyed?
or how does it work?
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