wings of terror
wings of terror (class 3 ship)
This strategical bomber can attack colony ground units from orbit. It will reduce the defensive capabilities of the ground units (organization)

invented by change of seasons

Attack/life: 0/100
Manpower: 200

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 4 h

Needed research:
colony star

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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spacetrace: here we go . happy balancing :)

above 100 defending units on a colony it will hit 15 units. below 100 it will get less effective. it is impossible to destroy all units just by bombing.

infantry could be less vulvenerable to bombing but would lose some of it's actual advantages in ground battle.
vyor: Still prefer percentage though 15% seems quite balanced, just imagine a colonie with 200 troops,you bomb only 30, so maybe the percentage should go up with troop count(too a limit) maybe 5% every 50 troops past 100?
Senor: it will be an awesome ship.

only downside is that swanks will be harder to spot with all these bomber fleets flying around.
muabdib: I think it is a great idea, really needed, it seems quite weird to have a fleet over a planet and not being able to bomb it!

However, if ships can bomb a planet, also troops should be able to defense, antiaircraft units or somethin... i dont know.
spacetrace: i thought to balance it this way:
the infantry troops are really hard to bomb, but will be much more vulvenerable to tank attacks.

let's say there are 100 tank , 100 defense, 100 infantry on a colony.

after intense bombing you can bring them down to : 20 t, 20 d, 90 inf.

a ground battle with 50 tanks should be able to do the rest.

this way the troops get a more intresting difference and the attacker/defender can do more strategical decisions.

additional to that the defense units could have some air defense.

then the ground battles could get interesting.
spacetrace: i thought another time about it and i think i have a better idea.

inspired from the great strategy game hearts of iron:
in hearts of iron you will not reduce the numbers of the troops by air attacks - you reduce the "organization" . a army with organization 10% is really easy wiped away by a smaller army.

i think i wanna use this concept for st.

there is a organization value.
it will be reduced by : battles, reinforcing a standing army, air attacks
it will recover itself after a given period of time.

this way flying around and bombing is quite useless , you need to organize your attacks with ground troops and before that massive air attacks.

i think that is more fun!
ncaries: interesting concept i agree on.
However, in real life bombing can have several effects;damage to the infrastructure, reducing manpower and maybe others (i never joined the army so im no good at this)
This damage never recovers by itself , so i dont agree on that
spacetrace: we should think of the units as whole divisions(10k man), that have a whole infrastructure with them. doctors, reapair teams and so on. a division can exist on its own on a planet , caring for food and materials.

in hearts of iron - it is that way - light losses are reinforced automatically.

but a bombed out division, that is totally unorganized is a easy target.
spacetrace: i think this ship is really needed, i will implement it next week.
ncaries: great!

spacetrace: it's still a hard time thinking...

there are balance issues:

defending is much much harder than attacking. if you want to hold a cluster you need 4 times the resources than the attacker. when holding all 4 clusters . you need to hold 16 key-c. that means you need to have 16 times the resources and they are immobile.
you would have balance then. if you really want to defend it you need even more.

at the time the ri ratio for all colonies/no colonies is 32/1.

so the ship is needed to fill that gap. anyway i think the ratio is quite sensible . see above

it's more fun to fill that gap with this ship than raising the ratio to 16/1 i think

this ship will enforce you to gain a tactical advantage only by mp. so i think the organization concept is really needed , to focus the game balance on the unit battles.

i hope you agree :)
ncaries: At the moment i experience a disbalance in the colonising part.
there also needs to be some dynamic in the shift of balace between attacker and defender.
This ship contributes a lot to that.
Above that it reinforces the relation between the colonising part and the tactical part of the game, causing a more strategic challange. Thats fun!
My suggestion is to implement it asap as suggested and to evaluate the ship frequently -weekly? - to come to a good balance .
spacetrace: it will be the next thing i will do... but i need some rest ...

coming soon :)
spacetrace: ok .. started to work on it .
Anachronism: What about making it a class 1 ship with less life and less mp?
Of course you would need them in greater numbers to have a significant effect.
I think this could be tactically more interesting.
spacetrace: i made it a bigger ship on purpose. i even made it 200 mp to force the attackers to invest more mp (anyway - the effect is proportional to the mp). i think that is needed else you could always take a 50 mp force with you to bomb before you atttack, but there would be basicly no counter to it - you cannot guard all colonies with battle fleets.
so if you wanna bomb you need to specialize, i think that is really needed.
there must be a risk using the wot , in this case that you need at least 200mp.
i imagine for the game play that there are specialzed players (bomber, colonists, pirates ) that need to work together.

i hope you argee
spacetrace: it's ready i will make final balancing thoughts and will upload it asap.

one thing that i would like to do is that the ground units will suffer from organization drawbacks in a different way.

let's imagin these bombardments are mostly strategical - the bomber is in orbit, so it cant target really anything- means : they destroy the infrastructure, supply lines etc.

let's imagine tanks and defense are more effected by that. the infantry guys only need a hand gun and some food (they hide in the bushes and eat tree bark ;))

let's say the infantry is affected by bombing only a few percent, the rest will get the whole disorganization drawback.

to balance that out , tanks could be much more effective against infantry.

that would be a nice difference between the units , that could make things more interesting.

what do you think?
spacetrace: senor had the brilliant idea to make this ships only usable for one time.

so after bombing it's empty

this makes the balance much better.
ncaries: good thoughts

what does the emptyness mean? back home to refill or 'throw away'?

(do you lose the MP?)
spacetrace: throw away ... i set the production time to 4 hours ...

it's online... pls. remeber that it is "knitted with a hot needle" , so there are many rough edges. but it is functional
ncaries: great!

researching it......
spacetrace: i try to explain here the full mechanics:

a bomber cost 200 mp. an airstrike will desorganize the ground troops proportional to the total mp of all bombers.

the ground troops will be impressed by this proportional to their mp-equivalent (many troops - not so impressed)

the organization will be reduced by an exponetial function : 100*exp(-mp-ratio)

it will never drop below 15

the organization will recover also by an exponetial function: 100*(1-exp(-t))
after one day it will have 99%
next era we will change the behavior of the infantry troops. they will be less influenced by bombing, but they will be much more vulvenerable to tank attacks.
(we will do it for next era because it changes the strategy)
admin: aren't they overpowered?

a new alliance with only 50 ri will build all mp in wings of terror, and bomb a colony down to 15% always.
spacetrace: i think they are not overpowerd because of :

- if you spend 2*x*mp in wings of terror you would not be as effective as using units worth x*mp

- if you loose units you can start right away producing units, wot need to be transferred home to recycle

- if you attack with units you are destroying them, using wot needs a combined attack, which is some organization effort

these things should balance the wot, but there will be also the partial immunity of the infantry troops - they will be less vulvenerable to air strikes (but will be easy destroyed by tanks)

yes , it is true ... organizen some alliance members , they build a lot of wot and they could conquer nearly any colony, but i think that is good - anyway it needs a lot of resources (mp, time,organization).

this round will be the first real test of the wot balance, if something goes wrong we should rebalance it.
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