mobile repair bot
mobile repair bot (class 2 ship)
Repairs one class 2 ship. The ship that is under fire gets back its full lifepoints

Attack/life: 1/10
Manpower: 5

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:
improved computer technology

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. repairs the actual target ship of any ship-type in your fleet
    battlemessage: "unit repaired"
    (battle engine syntax: repair,self,all,unit repaired,n)

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Iain: Sounds like a good idea.....

Metody I The Evil: Hmmm.... I have my doubts about the new repair-abilities of this ship, e.g. it no longer repairs ships with 0 points. Now a bot/destroyer fleet suffers from destroyer-only one...

"Unity creates power"
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kamekaze6: it s not as good as it used to be. now there isn t a good class 2 reconstuctor either we make a class 2 reconstructor a good one not like the minor reconstructor. so either do that or make the mrb fix 0lp ships. either way that gap in the game must be filled
fleetleader: What now it dosn't heal ships!
fleetleader: would it heal ships after a dreadnots shocwave hit? Adimn plese answer
5th special forces: I'm for it. let it in.
spacetrace: *
the name of this forum is:
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it is a clss 2 ship, it can only repair class 2 ships

fleetleader: I mean do it now not heal ships with 0 lp?
Cloudgatherer: Could someone give me an example of how this ship works & what it does?

I found this but it is really dated and I am not sure if anything has changed since it was created:
admin: if you use the manual search, you find the actual details of this ship:
you find:

so it is still the same"battle details:

(battle engine syntax: f)
repairs the actual target ship of any ship-type in your fleet
battlemessage: "unit repaired"
(battle engine syntax: repair,self,all,unit repaired,n)

the repair syntax is explained in the Wiki on the page Special ship abilities
Cloudgatherer: So... Sorry to noob it up here but it was asked before and never answered: will it or will it not repair a ship @ 0 LP? I am still not very clear on how this ship works besides "repairs the actual target ship of any ship-type in your fleet"... Maybe something is being lost in translation but that still leaves me wondering the details of the functionality of this ship. Maybe I am just slow. Will a MRB repair another MRB? Will it repair a Destroyer that was fired on by another Destroyer?
ncaries: "reconstruction

a reconstructor-ship reanimates disabled ships (ships with 0 lifepoints). ships with less lifepoints than 0 are completely destroyed and cannot be reconstruted. examples: - a destroyer that was hit by a destroyer has 0 LP and can be reconstructed - a fighter hit by an eagle (2/10) cannot be reconstructed because it has -1 lifepoint"


so it does what you ask, it repairs a destroyed thats hit by a destroyer!
Senor: It doesn't use the reconstruction syntax, but the repair syntax.

from the wiki:
repairs your ship that is the actual target of your enemy in your fleet back to full lifepoints (AP stay like they are).

I think it also works on ships with 0 lp, but maybe an admin can confirm this.
spacetrace: it is not supposed to repair a ship with 0 lp
Cloudgatherer: If it doesnt then how is this ship suppost to be useful? It seems it would only be worth a damn against an Eagle fleet and even then it seems like a really crappy alternative to the SG.
spacetrace: it's pretty balanced and it's doing great in several fleet setups...

if you wanna rant about something , try this one: /forum/viewtopic.php?t=1018 ;)
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