time slipper
time slipper (class 4 ship)
This ship is equipped with technology that can generate a faster warpfield

Attack/life: 250/500
Manpower: 1000

Speed: warp 8

Researchtime: 2 d
Buildingtime: 20 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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blackmagic: i still don't get it. Wat makes this ship soo special that it's a e-ray tech? I should be for everybody
darklim: Is too expensive.
But excellent for Doomstar.
And this ship can FIGHT!!!!
Nuclearmin: darklim... why do you spam all day long? if you dont like this ship, dont use it.

and the specialty of this ship is a special warpfield. eray tech is better in creating fields and this stuff.
darklim: Well, Metody hate the Troika, I hate Doomstar.
But this ship is excellent for Doomstar.
Don't you think that?
Fast attack and retreat.
Lou of East from West: I like scouts more for doomstars
Bogart: We have heard about chaps like you in the Force. It is illegal you know.
Bogart: http://www.grimmy.com/images/Gay/MP080599.gif
Metody I The Evil: Errr... Indeed, I hate the troika, but I've NEVER said why :)23

And, now, come on, don't tell me you're gonna block 1000 mp with the one and only purpose of seeking Doomstars... Try the Lowrider instead :wink:
darklim: 4 Time Slipper can destroy 1 Mothership.
This ship is used to destroy Mothership and make the fleet can't get out of that planet and destroy it slowly.
JaM: 4 timeslippers cost 4000 mp, so I don't think anyone has 4 timeslippers in a fleet.
Nemesis: no, thats pretty expensive
darklim: Trust me.
One player (is crazy) but have 4 Time Slipper, 1 Pirate Flagship, 1 Figther, 1 Destroyer, 1 Cruiser.
JaM: Easy points :)19
Rubens: the pirate flagueship and the shadow star is a perfect ship. Only exist 1 fleet can destroy them, the mantis, for that is that shipa cant have warp,but they are the rally secret of the game because can destroy all ur planet but the fleet still intact, so if u cant be connected in 2 days this ship is toog ood but human an e-rays? the mycioloyd cant build that? need be as the scout and the fliyng saucer, for all races, a best explaining of this hsip i go to say in the perfect fleet setup
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