retreat fighter (class 1 ship)
It commands the whole fighter fleet to break up the operation with a big explosion that destructs the retreat fighter.
(caution! self destruction!)

Attack/life: 0/1
Manpower: 55

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 13 h

Needed research:
advanced tactics

Battle details:
  1. self destructs!
    battlemessage: "retreat fighter instructs the retreat of class 1"
    (battle engine syntax: sd,retreat fighter instructs the retreat of class 1,n)
  2. ends the actual class battle
    (battle engine syntax: retreat)

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T2: This ship is used when you want to save some fighters for the next battle when you are facing 2 or more fleets.
By stopping the C1 battle before all your ships get a chance to fight, you end up having some left over for the next battle.
Also helps preserve your evaps from getting destroyed by other c1 ships and allows them to fight against the higher classes if they get modified by a c2 or c3 ship like the cyclops
Renee Davis: "Well they are usefull. Ask Renee :)23"

Yea quite true and now that I am myc....

your class 1 vs enemy class 1: V ^
11 mosquitoes
180 emp-fighters
1050 penguins
2 sporators
1049 fighters
1 retreat fighter

77 EMP-fighter jam 77 ships
1 sporator is modifying all class 2 ships: 149 ships
1 sporator is modifying all class 1 ships: 1985 ships
1 sporator destroys 1 ship
485 penguins vs 485 fighters

8 fighters vs 2 mosquitoes
270 fighters vs 135 penguins
46 fighters vs 23 emp-fighters
1 retreat fighter instructs the retreat of class 1
143 fighters vs 143 penguins
23 fighters vs 23 emp-fighters

you :
2 mosquitoes
46 emp-fighters
277 penguins
2 sporators
enemy :
485 fighters
1 retreat fighter
score in this subbattle: 205

I have to spam the same again but, 2x next time. The retreats held his losses down and the c1 blockage remains.
BTW-you can use multiple retreat units and have your c1 survive about 3 penguin spams.
This makes for excellent base fleet defense only a swank can get those retreats out and put in some evaps too and that attempt will be very costly for the attacker.
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