chronoton-inverter (class 2 ship)
Creates a space-time-anomaly: one ship on each side and 10 own class 1 ships are creating a reverse time-effect that causes the ships never to have been built at all. The crew of the ships doesn't know that the ships have ever existed.

invented by marlito1 2009-02-24 19:37:13

Attack/life: 0/2
Manpower: 8

Researchtime: 3 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
science recycle methods

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. recycles 1 ship of any ship-type in the enemy fleet in the same class, the targets are removed from the fight, but no points are won or lost.
    battlemessage: "chronoton-inverter recycles ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: recycle,enemy,1,this,all,chronoton-inverter recycles )
  3. recycles 1 ship of any ship-type in your own fleet in the same class, the targets are removed from the fight, but no points are won or lost.
    battlemessage: "chronoton-inverter recycles ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: recycle,self,1,this,all,chronoton-inverter recycles)
  4. recycles 10 ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in class 1, the targets are removed from the fight, but no points are won or lost.
    battlemessage: "chronoton-inverter recycles ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: recycle,self,10,1,all,chronoton-inverter recycles)

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dumenop: i think 8mp is too little for any c3 ship. you could disable a fairly large c3 fleet with very little mp. this would let someone fly this fleet in with c1 and c2 cover, take out the c3 of the enemy, then send in a second fleet with c1 and c2 cover and take out the base with other c3's. all with very little losses (less than 500 mp of these guys could recycle 1200 mp cruisers guaranteed, and with under 100mp in losses). the c1 and c2 would be stranded without reinforcements and could be taken out for large gains. it think this is a good idea, but some more mp would be good.
al12: It's a class 1 ship. 8 mp for a class 1 ship is expensive.
Jack09: Evaporator takes 12mp and its c1
colinthecorgi: I'm not at all sure about this ship.

Let's say I have 20 of these. That just about does it for any normal enemy c3, so I can choose not to bring any c3 myself to the battle. The price is lower than for bringing 3 cruisers. If I have a bunch of these spread over my fleets I can disregard c3 completely unless the enemy has retreat fighters or similar.

So, assuming I can make them go off, these will save me the trouble of having any c3 at all. And I don't have to worry about apollos, cyclopses, dreadnaughts etc. With some of these in c1 it will be a wonderful thing for expensive c2 fleets.

Another interesting question arises about which c3 are chosen. What if the fleets have missile lauchers? Will the missiles be equally likely to be selected? What about holos? And what if all these go off first and completely eradicate the c3 battle with overkill. Will holo cruisers and missiles still be possible to create later in the battle?
Failtrip1: Agreed it needs to have some bigger setbacks other then recycling your c3.As for missiles they wouldnt be affected because missiles appears in c3 battle and if there is any chance of your c1 fighting his c3 after you fought his c2 then missiles count as c3.
How about if you run out of c3 it sends shock wave eliminating your c1 or c2.Dunno just a thought thou.

Or it recycles as long as you both have c3 once one would run out it would lose its affect.
colinthecorgi: The description says it creates an anomaly in the c3 battle. So I figured the difficult part would be deciding during the c1 battle which ships would disappear later in the c3 battle?
dumenop: i misread the original post so i thought it was a c3 ship. since this is c1, it needs some kind of draw back, because you could fly a couple of these guys in, take out the enemy c3 way too easily, then use your c3 to take out the base. you use as many of these as the enemy has c3, with 1 c2 for cover, and enough c3 to take him out. it makes bases way to vulnerable.

a way to balance it would be to make a limit of how many you could have in a fleet. this would add a new base-defense strategy to the game without making base defense impossible. and i still think its too little mp. it doesn't score, but it eliminates a lot of mp from the battle.
ilofuyci: Have it SD all others in fleet, like the sporator, or hammer.

So, increase the effect. Recycle 5 c3 from each class.

dumenop: so what are the final specs for this ship?
Jack09: THere right up there, see em ^^
Thromen: Can someone tell me how to use the chronoton-inverter? I have just used them in battle but I fail to see what they did.

From my BR:
your class 1 vs enemy class 1: V ^
30 chronoton-inverters
2 fighters
28 mosquitoes

2 fighters vs 1 chronoton-inverter

you :
enemy :
score in this subbattle:

Then my C3 Battle

20 cruisers
7 cruisers

7 cruisers vs 7 cruisers

6 cruisers vs 6 cruisers

you :
6 cruisers
enemy :
7 cruisers
score in this subbattle:

Why didn't my inverter do anything?
spacetrace: looks not right.. i will test that ! all your ci's should have recycled both of your class 3.
spacetrace: it was buggy . it is fixed now!
Thromen: Thank you! Do I get points for killing the enemy with this ship? If not what exactly does recycling do?
spacetrace: recycling means : destroying without getting points.

anyway... this is a powerful ship
Thromen: Thanks you have been vary helpful.
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