eagle (class 2 ship)
Modified destroyer with a smaller cannon

Attack/life: 2/10
Manpower: 4

Researchtime: 2 h
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
advanced tactics

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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Rubens: modified the cannon of the destroyer, how? this only is a lie :)27
darklim: One little destroyer...
One of the ship of the mortal combo...
The Wasp and Eagle is one of the Best combination...
But is weak to fight my Fleet...
And the combination is... A SECRET
Rubens: i not are a loooooooooool how you i only read bad, but the eagle fleet is best if add a shield generator spectres multi emp vessel and plasma emitter and minor reconstrcutor if you re kazzula, and campaign ship if u re e-rays, if u re mycioloyd you get out the shield and the spectres and add missile luncher and 1 or 5 sporators. the sporator sometimes if bad if u have 5 if you have 4 is good but useless but oly with 1 the apollo cruseros and the destroyers are nothing,but only the dreghnauts can destroy u but if you send u flrrt to a the black hole if the dreaghnauts havent a class 2 then the yours destroy he and with manyyy points. Only the dooms can destroy you
darklim: You wrong
Many fleets can destroy an Eagle, Wasp, Shield Generator fleet.
JaM: Destroyer fleet for example. This way the Shield Generators are useless.
Rubens: yes u are right but i say sporators, and the troika with a hammers, the vessels,kamis, penguins the apollo cruseros, the dreaghnauts, the doomstar and the same fleet but with minors can destroy this fleet. but the troikas fleet many player should use but they never think in this,the apollos only same players use this and the very preocupation is the dreaghs but if u re micyoloid and you build penguins sporator hammers, troikas eagles wasp, minnors cyclops apollo and major wow is good
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