kamikaze (class 1 ship)
Under self destruction it deals 35 damage to one enemy ship, but also destroys two more ships of your own fleet. (caution! self destruction!)

Attack/life: 35/1
Manpower: 1

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
fanatic warfare

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. modifies LP by -5000 of 2 ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in the same class, there are no known ships and buildings that survive this effect.
    battlemessage: "kamikaze destroys ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: obliterate,self,2,this,all,kamikaze destroys)
  3. self destructs!
    (battle engine syntax: sd)

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Metody I The Evil: It acts in the class it's fighting, so if the enemy has no class1 it's doing it's mission
in the upper classes... That's the only way to gain points from it :)23
darklim: "battle details:fights
(battle engine syntax: f)
modifies AP/LP by 0/-1100 of 2 ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in the same class
battlemessage: "kamikaze destroys ... ships"
(battle engine syntax: mod,self,2,this,all,+,0,-1100,kamikaze destroys)
self destructs!
(battle engine syntax: sd)"

This mean the Kamikaze destroy 4 of your own ships?
JaM: No the first one is the english translation or discription of the battlesyntax.
You spammed this forum since May and you don't know that. :)20
Or did you thought every ship fougt twice because it say fights and it has the f command. Or this ship self destructs twice :)19

discription: fights
syntax: f

discription: modifies AP/LP by 0/-1100 of 2 ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in the same class
message: "kamikaze destroys ... ships"
syntax: mod,self,2,this,all,+,0,-1100,kamikaze destroys

discription: self destructs!
syntax: sd

Now understand it?
darklim: Ah, Thanks JaM
The battly syntax is a bit confusing :)20

Joined in May 15, 2003 and got a lot of post. I'm the greatest spammer of Space Trace Forum. But i think it are a "bug"

man_mod: The Kamikaze is a very destructive ship but as with other Self destructing ships should be used with caution.

Due to it's immense fire power of 35ap as a class 1 ship the kamikaze is best used to fight against the higher classes ideally class 3 or 4, as most of these have higher lp than 35.

So the best use for them is to keep them in a secondary(or third) fleet and by themselves to be used after you have eliminated the enemy's class 1 and 2.

This due to the Self destuctive behavior of the ship.
For every enemy ship a Kamikaze attacks, it will destroy itself and a further 2 more random class 1 ships in your own fleet.
So it is strongly advised that you do not use this ship to fight in it's own class, as for every enemy class 1 you will destroy (+(1) point) you will lose 3 kamikaze (-3 points)

The kamikaze can be used against class 2, but with minimal postive results. Other class 1 ships can make a much more posative score for this job.

Here is an example of the profit of attacking class 3.

your class 1 vs enemy class 3 :
200 kamikaze (35/1, 1 MP)
14 cruisers (100/100, 60 MP)

42 kamikaze destroy 84 ships
42 kamikaze vs 14 cruisers

14 cruisers vs 14 kamikaze

you :
140 kamikaze
enemy :
14 cruisers

score in this subbattle: 700"

So your calculation for this battle should be done as such :

14 (amount of cruisers) x 3 (kamikazes needed to destroy 1 cruiser)
42 x 3 (kamekazes self destructing per cruiser) destroyed)
+ 14 (amount of cruisers)
= 140

That is the construction of the calculation.
The sum fortunatly can be simplified to 14 x 10. (for cruisers)
for attacking other class 3/4 ships/buildings the calculation should be corrected accordingly.

You should always take a few extra kamikazes then calculated to compensate for the random battle order (who shoots first).

It's also a good idea to use Commando Fighters along with kamikazes as it will double their firepower to 70/1 when activated.

the best way to counter kamikaze is with C1 killers such as the Cyclops or the Spectre. Another way is simply to attack them with standard fighters.
admin: the kamikaze should get the kill syntax instead of -1100LP. cause it should kill 2 of your ships in any case, no effect should counter this
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