flying saucer
flying saucer (class 2 ship)
Can provide a warp-field that cannot be used by other ships

Attack/life: 10/5
Manpower: 16

Speed: warp 5
(Can only establish a warpfield for itself)

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:
science recycle methods

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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darklim: The picture like the ship of I.D.4: The independence day.
SirTaz: Nice little Ship :smile: great for getting a battle report on the enemy's base/fleet or for flying around from perwarp world to perwarp-world to see whats there some time Nothing at All sometimes ship's maybe a new tech and even sometimes a ship yard :razz: oh and some times a moblie base to hold ships as you use your other fleets to attack "Grins"

Oh yeah and it was made up by one of the players of the Game too ";)" way to go battle Bro :smile:

darklim: Ahh, this is Kazuula
Is bad.
I'm a Nanite :)23
SirTaz: well the "scot ships" is like the flying saucer but is cost a little more in Mp but is a good ship to do, Will do the same thing as the flying saucer does :smile:

Oh yeah but it has warp 9 i beleave :razz:

darklim: Warp 9?
From where place you get that idea?

The best of Dark Caracas is here (Dark Caracas don't have people) prepare to .....
I forgot it..... Ehhh..... I don't remember that i will say..... Humm..... Ahhh.... Prepare to.... I don't speak english well!!!!.

SirTaz: scout ship class 2
(10/10) 50Mp warp 9 research gravity

can provide a warp-field that cannot be used by other ships

darklim: Ahh, SCOUT Ship and Not SCOT SHIP
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