shield generator
shield generator (class 2 ship)
A defense system that detects impacts on your ships. If a ship is not destroyed,
It immediately generates a shield around it. If the first hit destroys the ship,
The shield comes too late to save it. If a ships is protected this way, it is dimensionally displaced and keeps alive
A sub-space carrier wave to the remaining ships nearby (in the same class). If all other ships in that class are destroyed, it looses the carrier wave, thus it
Cannot return to normal space directly. In that case it will return at the end of battle.

this ship is a bit complicated but it is a useful ship, that allows some nice combinations.
here are some some examples:
  • the enemy has only destroyers (10/10) and you have some destroyers and shield generators, the enemy would kill any ship with a single shot. that means the shield generators would have no effect.
  • the enemy has eagles (2/10) and you have some destroyers and some sg. in this case the eagles would not kill your destroyers with one shot, that means that your shield generators will detect the impacts and would save some of your destroyers (they are really invincible for that battle after the shield started)
    the same would happen if the enemy had fighters (1/1)
  • the enemy has 1000 fighters (1/1) and you have 2 shield generators and 2 destroyers ( but no class one).
    that means that his fighters will directly attack your class 2. the fighters will cause impacts on your destroyers and the
    two shield generators will save 2 ships of your class 2, but all other ships are lost. the shielded ships are put out of the 'einstein-space-continuum' and cannot return to it during this battle.
    if the enemy would have some destroyers in that fleet too, they would be able to attack directly your class 3 as class
    2 is empty.
    after the whole battle the 'lost' ships will return.

Attack/life: 0/2
Manpower: 4

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 10 h

Needed research:
improved field theories

Following researches:
e-ray-Technology flamingo - 24 h

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