pioneer-ship (class 4 ship)
With this ship you can move your shipyard to another pre-warp-planet. It has a small defense system that destroys up to 400 class1, 120 class 2 and 4 class 3 ships. I each class fight it gets one attack on all these ships.

this ship transports all your men and the technology you need to put up an outpost on another planet. you can install your shipyard only on pre-warp-worlds. the fleet with the pioneer-ship has to stay on that planet as long as you leave your shipyard there.
when you reach the planet you can recycle the pioneer-ship to get the manpower free for production but
you can only move the shipyard and your fleet away from there if you have the manpower to build a new pioneer-ship or your shipyard gets destroyed

Attack/life: 0/2000
Manpower: 4750

Speed: warp 4

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 1 d 12 h

Needed research:

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