evasor (class 2 ship)
Just like the retreat figther, this ship selfdestructs but also ends the class 2 battle (caution! self destruction!)

Attack/life: 0/10
Manpower: 60

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 15 h

Needed research:
advanced tactics

Battle details:
  1. self destructs!
    battlemessage: "evasor explodes and instructs the retreat of class 2"
    (battle engine syntax: sd,evasor explodes and instructs the retreat of class 2,n)
  2. ends the actual class battle
    (battle engine syntax: retreat)

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Manyac: I myself had trouble to fight an enemy fleet with 25 evasors
Commander Cody: gee 25, I have encountered 15 and I thought that was rather a lot.
spacetrace: attack them with sabotage fighters or apollos :wink:

(i am thinking of balancing them even better...)
man_mod: The Evasor can be used to your advantage in a number of ways.

Though you will sacrifice a 60 point loss, the evasor (when activated) ends the class 2 battle immediatly and thus saves your Class 2 to fight the next battle.
The evasor can also be used effectively to block your opponents from bombarding your Class 3 or 4 with destructive class 1 or 2 ships.
Can be a useful weapon and frustrating (for your enemy) to keep a few of these at home to protect your base.

The Evasor is best countered by attacking it indirectly, i.e; attacking it from another class with such ships as the Sabotage fighter (class 1) or the Apollo Cruiser (class 3)
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