fighter escort
fighter escort (class 1 ship)
A fighter that increases the shields of 3 standart-fighters by 1 lifepoint each

Attack/life: 1/1
Manpower: 2

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
improved field theories

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. modifies AP/LP by 0/+1 of 3 fighters in your own fleet in class 1
    battlemessage: "escort affected ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,self,3,1,fighter,+,0,1,escort affected)

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T2: Is this ship able to differentiate between my regular fighters and other class 1 ships I may have in my fleet ? Will it increase the LP of a eg: blockade runner by 1 as well ?
Please only genuine replies as this is recorded into the manual.
Durago: " modifies AP/LP by 0/+1 of 3 fighters in your own fleet in class 1 "

" battle engine syntax: mod,self,3,1,fighter,+,0,1,escort affected"

only fighters and itself gets the bonus
RenéeAB: Note ship inclusive specific mod which is possible with current battle engine syntax. Very few "inventors" put that concept to much use yet. :)4
dumenop: so after it attacks it becomes a 1/2? and another question: do modified ships stay modified forever, or do they return to normal after battle (if the fighter escort fought in a battle and modified another fighter and that fighter survived and entered another, would it enter the 2nd battle as a 1/1 or a 1/2?)
Durago: the 3 fighters and the escort become 1/2 for the actual battle, after the battle they return to 1/1 if they survive.

i dont think there is any way to permanently enhance any ship.
dumenop: can someone point out to me where in the syntax it says that the escort is affected by its own mod?
Cloudgatherer: Shouldn't this ship effect ANY C1 ship, instead of just Fighters? Maybe change it to effect only 2 ships, then, as the counterpart to the Intruder. This seems weird to me because the Commando Fighter mods all C1, and not just Fighters, even though it states the same thing in it's description. (It specifys "Fighters")

"commando-fighter (class 1 ship)
if commando-fighter takes its turn, all following fighters get double firepower. but it will destroy all commando-fighters in your fleet, so only one commando-fighter will be active, all others just increase the chance for them to get their turn at all. (caution! self destruction!) T

multiplies AP/LP by 2/1 of all ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in class 1
battlemessage: "commando fighter gives double firepower to ... ships"
(battle engine syntax: mod,self,all,1,all,*,2,1 ,commando fighter gives double firepower to) "

I could also point out that the Intruder isn't Fighter-specific, so why should this ship be any different than other modding C1s?
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