commando-fighter (class 1 ship)
If commando-fighter takes its turn, all following fighters get double firepower. But it will obliterate all commando-fighters in your fleet, so only one commando-fighter will be active, all others just increase the chance for them to get their turn at all. (caution! self destruction!)

Attack/life: 1/1
Manpower: 10

Researchtime: 3 h
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. multiplies AP/LP by 2/1 of all ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in class 1
    battlemessage: "commando fighter gives double firepower to ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,self,all,1,all,*,2,1,commando fighter gives double firepower to)
  3. battle engine syntax: rogue,8
  4. self destructs!
    (battle engine syntax: sd)

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Achilles: I don't think it makes sense to deduct points from my score when I use self destructing ships. It is a planned casulty, and the ememy would have been better off if it didn't happen. I cant believe that I got negative points when my fleet worked exactly as I wanted it to.

I think that it should state that in the rules, because that seriously effects how I will play that ship. If it is in the rules, disregard all I say, because its my own fault then.

PS- No matter how important it is to you, and how badly you want a commando-fighter to get its turn in early, and how many extra mp you have a surplus of, DO NOT sent 180 commando-fighters on an attack in the same fleet.
Manyac: You hit the point! If you use ships like the Commando-Fighter, you calculate in those losses, and losses are always negative so it's ok if you loose points of them.

And did you really send 180 Commis in one fleet? :)20 :)20
darklim: You can't see?!
ALL extras commando fighter will self destruct so only 1 can be active!!!!
T2: Will this fighter affect all C1 type fighters or just the basic fighter ship. Will a Kame have 70 hit points after the commando fighter triggers or will a blockade runner have 4 hit points after?
Thanks in advance
Star Commander: The commando fighter triggers which forces your class1 to fire again, unless it isnt destroyed before its triggerd :S

(battle engine syntax: f)
multiplies AP/LP by 2/1 of all ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in class 1
battlemessage: "commando fighter gives double firepower to ... ships"
(battle engine syntax: mod,self,all,1,all,*,2,1,commando fighter gives double firepower to)
multiplies AP/LP by 0/0 of all commando-fighters in your own fleet in class 1
battlemessage: "commando-fighter destroys ... ships"
(battle engine syntax: mod,self,all,1,commando-fighter,*,0,0,commando-fighter destroys)
self destructs!
(battle engine syntax: sd)

As you can see, it says that the commando fighter modifys ALL class 1 ships so yes indeed dependig on what you have left after the first battle, those ships will fire again thats why many people use 350 kamis and 1 commadno or something like that to attack a base ;)

Hope thats explained it for you ... rember it will self-destruct after the battle it is involved in !
streacer: Err...? No, the commando fighter gives double attack power to all the ships after it. So yes a kami would have 70 AP, a penguin would have 8, a blockade runner would have 2, etc.

I think Star Commander is thinking of the campaign ship.
T2: Thanks...silly of me...I thought it worked the way you described Streacer however I looked at the description a number of times and failed to seee the ALL SHIPS part of the message.
Thanks to everyone who replied

BTW Evan' your avatar reminds me of the "BAD SANTA" movie
Rubens: @T2 It says "any-ship type on ur own fleet" and that means ALL THE SHIPS.A kami has 35 ap, if the comando get his turn after somekamis attacked, those kamis attacked with 35 of ap the next ones wil attack with 70 it just a matter of lucky. And with kamis is really risky cuz you can lose your own comando fighter
Spyder: I know one player who uses 10 commandoes with kams for base busting, sounds excessive, but he gets extra points each time.
Rubens: spyder i am just getting sleeping my dear explain me, was it sarcasm?
IF not i think he dosn't get extrapoints, he already lose 90 with the other comando fighters and if he is using kamis, 100 more kamis will be the same:SS
Spyder: He gets around 500+ for base destruction with kams, which is better than without the commandoes, but yes, its excessive.
Rubens: I got to go...but for tomorrow let that explained.
How the hell does he get more points?

10 comando fighters=100mp=100 kamis...
I think not even with luck he gets more pts...
Spyder: I'll have to try it on evans. But you only get about 350 or so usually with just kams.
Rubens: Building socre=1000
With just kamis=400
how many kamis do u need to get 500+?? Com'on this player is already waisting 90 mp in comando fighters and he could win some more pts but with a very gooooooood luck;)
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