plasma emitter
plasma emitter (class 2 ship)

The plasma emitter reduces the firepower of 7 own ships by 1
And 7 enemy ships by 2. Mycilloid scientists used human genes from prisoners of war to invent this ship.

Attack/life: 0/10
Manpower: 10

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 13 h

Needed research:
science recycle methods

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. modifies AP/LP by -1/0 of 7 ships of any ship-type in your own fleet in the same class
    (battle engine syntax: mod,self,7,this,all,+,-1,0)
  3. modifies AP/LP by -2/0 of 7 ships of any ship-type in the enemy fleet in the same class
    battlemessage: "plasma wave emitted"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,enemy,7,this,all,+,-2,0,plasma wave emitted,n)

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blackmagic: i've found the perfect combination with this ship for those that don't konw how to use it =) Look at this. plasma emitter + hammer + Troika fleet = total destruction of any eagle fleet =)
BladeTech: wow. that is the perfect counterfleet for eagles.
darklim: The Plasma Emitter work better with Campaing ship, Troika
Rubens: yes is a good combination, and for this you need are a nanite so you can constructs already cyclops, apollo crusers minor reconstrcutors for you hammer and for no lose if the player have kamis, constructs cyclops and war cruseros for defend urs apollos cyclops and minnor. or can build a dreaghnauts but always you need crusers standar and is best with amajor reconstructor.

look this

200 hammers 100 penguins 50 kamis 3 sporator class 1

class 2 a troika fleet with a campaing ship

class 3 3 cyclop 3 minors 3 apollos 2 dreaghnaut 2 warcruseros 6 cruseros (maybe only dreaghs and minors)

class 4
1 motherhip 1 major reconstructor, uf you have only 6 cruseros you have oprtunity to reconstructs wars o dreags. and if you not sure of your own fleet and you want attack the centre so first transport a pirate flagship.

is best to are more sure

200 hammers 3 sporator

troikas and campaimg ship

2 minors and the rest 5 dreghs or all dreaghs maxim 10 or crusers standard

1 mothership 1 major reconstrcutor

vs a egle fleet is very good vs a kamis and penguins fleet is very good vs a missile luncher isnt a good and vs class 3 is dont good but if he dont have class 2 urs troikas are very good, but in this moment i don thik what the peolpe is stupid and send 80 crusers to the centre. But always exist the posibilitie of the fleet sleep for ever. 1 class 1 ) 1 class 2 ) 1 class 3 ) and 4 time sleeper and a pirate flagship. but the pople is stupid, to afriend my this ocuure a player with a mantis and 3 time slippers, he thinked what my friend have 4 timme slippers, but my friend have 4 core drivers he are building 1 mother ship and 10 core drivers more, and a doomstar this is for confuse a player because if aplayer have 11 class 4 in a deep you think they are mothers or cores, but in really have a doom, so you can calculate the fracase of the he. -3150 jajaa
JaM: So you are the guy who have a lot of hammers. If 1 hammer can come active you will lose 3200 points because the destruction of all hammers. This setup really sucks.
Rubens: so thanx, but now i resarching the troika when i research the hammer i know thsi opinion its important to me thanx :grin:really and i am fc liverpool of michel owen if u revise all deeps in my base i never have more of 1050 class 1. s you 20 hammers transform 100 in penguins and 99 in kamis or only 50 and the rest use for troikas
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