bombus (class 4 ship)
The bombus jams 5(all) enemy c4 ships and their special abilities. It´s simple and effective. Good for countering ships like the major reconstructor and pirate flagship. The bombus is in fact a special kazuulian-bred giant insect encased in a fragile aluminium carapace to protect it from the vacuum of the space. When charged by the emp-o-matic connected to its brain, the bombus accelerates its metabolism to mindboggling speed and releases a high-speed electromagnetic cloud that is powerful enough to penetrate even the thickest shields and temporarily disable all electronics in capital-class ships.

invented by change of seasons

Attack/life: 0/100
Manpower: 350

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 15 h

Needed research:
emp technology

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