pirate flagship
pirate flagship (class 4 ship)
The crew of this ship has a special tactic: after the first battle this ship cloakes the fleet so it will not fight against possible other fleets at the same sector. So you can plan a hit and run attack where you only fight against one fleet

Attack/life: 0/1000
Manpower: 600

It has a cloaking device

Researchtime: 3 d
Buildingtime: 20 h

Needed research:
improved cloaking technology

Battle details:
  1. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)
  2. after the battle it cloakes your fleet
    battlemessage: "pirate flagship ignites its cloakingdevice"
    (battle engine syntax: cloak,self,1,pirate flagship ignites its cloakingdevice)

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