cluster-cruiser (class 3 ship)
This ship deploys 10 battledrones. These battle drones are 1/1 fighters that are destroyed at the end of the class-combat. (caution! self destruction!)

Attack/life: 0/60
Manpower: 40

Researchtime: 2 d
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:
nano technology

Battle details:
  1. creates 10 battle-drones in your own fleet in the same class like this ship
    battlemessage: "cluster-cruiser deployes ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: create,self,10,this,battle-drone,cluster-cruiser deployes)
  2. self destructs!
    (battle engine syntax: sd)

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Rubens: oh yeah this ship wth a major and a class 2 fleet soun good but iknow that have smething wrong but what?
darklim: This ship will Self Destruct, so the Major Reconstructor don't work with it
Rubens: why the reconstructors ships doesn´t reconstruct the ship with a self-destruction system?
Tofu: Are those battledrones put at the end of your class 3 ships or are the shuffled?
Is the "shuffle"-command integrated in the "create"-command?
We are Bjork: I think they come after the cluster
not shuffled
Tofu: If i use a cluster-cruiser and 10 cruisers and, lets say, the cluster-cruiser fights first. Who fights second, a cruiser, a battledrone or is it random?
If the battledrones are put at the end of your class 3 ships, they are completely useless to protect your ships.
We are Bjork: No, they do protect your ships, but, the drones can be removed easily by a shock wave cruiser for instance.
spacetrace: if a ship is created during battle it will be added (if it is added in the same class) right behind the creator-ship.
soo a shuffle would make the cluster cruiser less effective.

Gotsex: Why would anyone use a ship that does 10 damage put self destruct and you lose 40 mp? am i reading this correctly? does the cruser sd or just the drones?
kamekaze6: the drones are good as they would draw away the firepower of ships such as cruisers and plasma gunships, but i would not suggest it s use vs lower classes unless i was ur enemy
Cloudgatherer: Hate to ask something that is probably obvious BUT for clarity's sake I will noob it up:
Does the Cluster-Cruiser self destruct or is it the battle drones it deploys that self destruct?
admin: both: the cluster cruiser immediately selfdestructs (sd) and the battle drones destroy each other at the end of each subbattle of your class 3

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