carrier (class 4 ship)
After the battle it seperates into 250 nano bomber that stay in your fleet. They are ready for the next battle.

Attack/life: 0/100
Manpower: 600

Researchtime: 2 d
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
  1. at the end of battle it evolves into 250 nano bombers (0/1)
    (battle engine syntax: evolve,nano bomber,0,1,250,)
  2. fights
    (battle engine syntax: f)

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Toxxic: Does carrier provide warp field for other ships?

Captain Starlight: Nope, just releases nano bombers after the fight.
Toxxic: Thanx;)
admin: "if a nano carrier released its 250 nano bombers, what would be in the fleet, 250 nano bombers only or 250 nano bombers and the nano carrier?"

the carrier is gone after it released the nano bombers
Lord Bahamut: i will lost the carrier if him make the 250 nano bombers?
limsky: Manpower for carrier is 600 and Manpower for 250 nano bombers is 250X2 =500. Therefore 100 Manpower is released and the carrier is gone. I would think the carrier is composed mainly of nano bombers.
I you have clone your citizens, the Manpower for carrier is 601 and Manpower for 250 nano bombers is 250 X 3 = 750. You owe 149 manpower. Interesting.
Lord Bahamut: them... i lost the carrier and win 2500 nano bombers.... but if in the first fight my enemies destro the carrier i have the nano bombers? o i lost the 600 points? :???: :-/
Captain Starlight: I think if your carrier is shot, it is shot, no nano bombers next fight.
limsky: To avoid your carrier from being shot, always keep at least 1 class 3 ship.
Iain: hmm
ok, but is the carrier worth it? with clone labs especially....

i dont think that it is
Captain Starlight: It is a fantastic ship under certain circumstances.
Imagine a fight against 2 fleets with huge class one.
you have a small class one and large class 2.

The carrier will save your class 2 in the second battle and probably make you some points as well.
mackman: carriers are nice ships. Used them last round got lots of points with them.Surprises enemys who attack your base.Nano bombers are good like interceptors.wipe out class one nicely.
Cloudgatherer: Couple questions:

1. Does this ship only cost 601 MP w/ Clone Labs or is there some kind of catch or drawback when using CL + Carrier?
2. Lets say my Carrier fleet (fleet 1) fights against enemies fleet 1. Carrier activates and creates 250 Nano's in my C1, could I synch up my fleet 1 with my fleet 2 in another location and then put those Nano's in my fleet 2 and attack the enemy fleet 1 with them? Or will there be some kind of battle pause of whatever.
Senor: 1. yes
2. there is a battle pause so you cant use the 250 nano bombers against the fleet that created them.
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