explorer (class 3 ship)
This vessel can transport an engineer team to a pre-warp planet. The team will install a wormhole portal on that planet which is linked to all other wormhole portals. It needs 50 credits to be build.

Attack/life: 0/40
Manpower: 55

Researchtime: 2 h
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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admin: more information here :

wormhole portal
kamekaze6: credits are so difficult to get :)16 why not make it cost points?
WilliamWallace: They aren't difficult.

Assuming most people aren't newbie helpers, they can gain 10 credits for a huntscore and otherwise just donate 1 dollar to ST.

And maybe give 1 credit each day for holding a soreplanet.

And adding a little picture allready doubles your starting credits.
admin: in "New Game Updates you find a complete list how to get credits here:

i think the best way to get the credits is to invite some friends to play ST. that`s good for everyone
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