scout (class 2 ship)
Can provide a warp-field that cannot be used by other ships

Attack/life: 10/10
Manpower: 50

Speed: warp 9
(Can only establish a warpfield for itself)

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 12 h

Needed research:

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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BladeTech: how do y ou use this stupid ship? do you put it in a fleet by itself and give it coords 'cause that didn't work for me!!
JaM: You can only enter coords for a fleet:
IF all ships have a warp (doesn't matter if it's only for itself)
OR IF one or more ships can provide a warp field for the whole fleet.
Atleast this is what I experienced.

And this ship can be useful to check pre-warp worlds for ancient techs. But don't make the mistake to put the ships in the same fleet as your scout. (I did)
Achilles: This is one of my favorite ships in the game :smile:

It is the perfect addition to any attack :)23
darklim: From Doomstars?
Achilles: If they have any class two or three ships the scout would be destroyed before the doomstar activated, so it is no good against doomstars. :sad:
darklim: You wrong!
Well, is no good to fight 1 1 1 2
But is excellent to fight 0 0 0 2
Achilles: How does that make me wrong?

I said "If they have any class two or three ships". That implies at least a 0 1 1 2.
darklim: Ok you right but is excellent to fight 0 0 0 2
You known why :)20
Achilles: But the scout is not limited to such a meager task. There is plenty more that a scout is useful for.
darklim: Scout for New tecnologies
I need to research some
I can fell that soon exist new ships that i need to test :)23
Rubens: only is good with 0 0 0 2 u are right darklim, but in this day i will witout internet :)15 and i need go to a cyber, but i think this, if u have a fleet with class 1 or class 2 and u send ur fleet to the black hole u think u mothership always is destroyed but if u send a scout to 501 500 50, and after the battles u stil with the mother u send the scout and pass the mother to fleet 2 so the mother never is destroyed
admin: the original idea of the scout is this:
you can send it to a place where you are about to attack and find out the exact fleet setup.
then you decide how you set up your fleets for the real attack.

this ship is like a deep-scan-probe that costs 50 MP
BladeTech: yup except it gives you exact ships not just number of ships in each class.
blackmagic: How bout this proposition. When the scout is in its own fleet, why not give the option of which enemy fleet it will scout first? Thats wat scouts are used for right? They have an objective enemy fleet to observe first so naturally they should scout that fleet first. Or, i guess it makes sense that another enemy fleet "spots" the scout and kills it first "/ but then the usefulness of the scout decreases. I mean come on.... according to the ship stats there are ZERO! scouts in use :)6 For 50 men powering this ship it should be able to do something more :)3

LOL I'm just complaining because I'm selfish and wish to use this particular ability ^____^ 3 probes just doesn't seem to cut it sometimes :)7
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