shadow star
shadow star (class 4 ship)
One of these huge ships can generate a sphere that cloakes the whole fleet.

Attack/life: 0/1000
Manpower: 550

It has a cloaking device

Researchtime: 3 h
Buildingtime: 16 h

Needed research:
improved cloaking technology

Battle details:
(battle engine syntax: f)
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JaM: you can uncloak your fleet and cloak it just as the cloak generator with a checkbox.
mackman: Well it works good to sneak up on your enemy.You can park 1 sector from the target then when you come online uncloak and attack.Is nice to use with doomstar.
Achilles: It is also good to protect your high -risk fleets, that contain fleet-tenders, spectres, prophets, etc.
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