nano bomber
nano bomber (class 1 ship)
This ship destroys one class 1 ship and the broken pieces of the explosion do 1 damage each to two ships. But it's useless against ships of other classes.

Attack/life: 0/1
Manpower: 2

Researchtime: 1 d
Buildingtime: 11 h

Needed research:
improved targeting

Battle details:
  1. multiplies AP/LP by 0/0 of 1 ship of any ship-type in the enemy fleet in class 1
    battlemessage: "nano bomber destroys ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,enemy,1,1,all,*,0,0,nano bomber destroys )
  2. modifies AP/LP by 0/-1 of 2 ships of any ship-type in the enemy fleet in class 1
    battlemessage: "splinter destroys ... ships"
    (battle engine syntax: mod,enemy,2,1,all,+,0,-1,splinter destroys)

Related technologies:
nanite-technology carrier

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Liderant: enemy:
10 fighters
2 mosquitoes
1 hammer
4 fighters
194 nano bombers

6 nano bomber destroy 6 ships
3 splinters destroy 6 ships
1 splinters destroys 1 ship

4 fighters vs 4 nano bombers

enemy :
10 fighters
2 mosquitoes
1 hammer
you :
4 nano bombers
score in this subbattle: 20

here you have a small but perfect example, that explain how a nanobomber works
Rubens: if u see mackman now liderant understand too good and explain too me a thing but if u see my virtual battle report u can understand the interceptor fleet canT win a lot of points vs nanobomber. And build 8 carrier is good because i have abattle and i only detsroy 1 but the rest are recycled and relase the nanobomber so if u have 2000 nanobombers u can have oportunities vs 5000 fighter. the problem is if u have a fleet normal 500 destroyers 100 fighter 3 cruseros and a carrier? what happen? the carriers recycled after create the nanobombers and the rest of the 100 mp?
mackman: Well I can see why you as a human would build carrier because you cant build Interceptors and they are the next best thing to them.
mackman: Interceptor will win against nano bomber liderant I can prove it send me a in game message.You send a fleet of nano bombers to specified cords and I will send interceptors and you will see who wins.

Rubens: u are darmadon? really but u profile say u are of florida nad darmadon is venezuela, i dont have time too go to a coords, so in 4 days i create my carrier, but i go to have a trip so i arrive the next saturday ehh i have a friend many times i revise his account and in 1 day he have the carrier, my coords are 440 490 61 i dont have defensive so i contact to u with a pm for do the battle
Zamprano: you're not suposed to write coords in the forum. now you're in trouble, anyone may attack you...

Liderant: new question.
what happens when 500 nanobombers fights against 250?

who wins?
Rubens: sorry liderant vs 250 what¿? interceptors? obiously nanobombers win, and hey you remember my fleet penguins, blockade runner, interceptor, emp fighter and sportaor? so add the nanobombers, a bad thing is you need be micioloyd and you cant built a cloak device ship but with 2 ships you can do something good, if the enemy have class 2 u leave in fleet 1 penguins sporator and empfighters, hey i have a bug or a good thing or maybe a confusiion, if an empfighter fight with a class 2 ship the empfighter can jam the class 2 ship or dont anything?
Lord Philemon: @Liderant: That depends again on who gets the first shot. (I suppose you mean 500 nb against 250 nb?) The fleet with the 500 nanobombers will surely have more ships left at the end (should be around 250 actually) but if the smaller fleet shoots first, it will make 4 points and if the bigger fleet shoots first, it will make 2 points...

@Rubens: The emp-fighter can jam any enemy ship, not only in class 1.

darklim: Humm
Nano Bombers can destroy 1 ships and do 1 damage to two ships
That why it can destroy 3 ships
But it need to be deployed from Carriers
KEPcH: Would it be askin too much to put this ship in production? Not just in a carrier.
KEPcH: Would it be askin too much to get an answer?
Anonymous: this ship will be put in production soon, urs truly

Mr. Spacely on 2005-01-20 06:00 --> </font>

u moron, i am admin, don't u see that in my name?????

KEPcH: lmao, I didn't read these messages back then, didn't see anyone answered.
Anyway, mr real admin :grin: , could you put this ship in production?
Jort: Yeah!
Spyder: Gee you guys, cant you tell from the topic, already existing technologies. This is the ship that gets released by the nanite carrier.
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