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Alliances are Spacetrace's core. Ever since Spacetrace was created, alliances were there for members to group together.


Members are the heart of the alliance. There is no real limit on how many members are in an alliance, however, the ultimate number has been argued over a lot, and opinions vary from 1-3 members, to more then 20.


There are 4 positions in an alliance. When you're not appointed to one of them, you are a normal member, and no exclusive privileges are granted.

Alliance leader: The Leader of your alliance. Can change the password, "sell" flags, and generally leads the alliance.

Commander of War, or CoW. Controls the MTWG, and can view the whole alliance's fleets.

Minister of Communications, or MoC. Receives ingame messages directed at the alliance.

Flag Commander, or FC. Possesses the alliance flag, and has the duty of protecting it. -> capture the flag

List of active alliances

This is a list of all active alliances, alliances with only 1 person are not listed. Please add and remove to this list as neccesary. The names are to be in alphabetical order.

for all Alliances in this Wiki, see Category Alliances: [1]


The current scoreboard:

The Scoreboard shows the stats of the alliances, and their rankings.

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