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NoStars is an Alliance in Spacetrace. Currently consisting of 6 members, this alliance is in the top 3, competing with Fools Gold.


NoStars - NS for short - currently is at rank number 2, with more then 80.000 points. Fools Gold (FG) is first with more then a 100.000.


The NS Team consists of*:

Skyfire - Leader of NS. Tactical genius. Evo: Classified. Age: Classified. Gender: Male.

Buzzy - NS Topscorer. Tactical genius. Evo: Classified. Age: Classified. Gender: Classified.

Microjak - Casual team member. Is in top 10. Evo: Classified. Age: Classified. Gender: Male.

Dinskydude - Casual team member. Defensive measures. Evo: Classified. Age: 14. Gender: Male.

*Only members known on the forums.

Battle of the Stars

This epic battle was fought at 13/9/07. It was possibly the most epic (and biggest) battle ever reported on GNN. People who were involved reported that:

There must of been over 50,000 worth of man power there.

Which there was. more then 12 fleets were scanned in that moment, both of NS and ToC, which they were in war with. The whole setup of this mission was to regain the flag of NS. This goal was succeeded, and the flag was recaptured at an amazing 19.47%. Also, NS managed to snatch away ToC's flag, which they are currently holding.