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Please help us to fill it with usefull hints and information. For a start we will transfer the content of the Spacetrace manual here.

Everybody can easily register here and start writing content. For help with editing, see the Manual of Style and How to edit a page.

How to start - A few tips for newbies

Story - The story of spacetrace

Communication - How can I find other players and contact alliances?

Production and Research - How can I build ships and invent new ones?

Races - Info about the 5 main races in the universe

Fleets - How can I organize my fleets and send them into space?

Battle - Explanations about the time flow of space battles

Alliances - The basics of cooperative playing

Colonies - How to colonize pre-warp worlds

GNN - The Galactic News Network

Technologies - A list of all technologies that can be researched

Tech-Tree - A diagram that shows the dependencies of the different technologies

Forum - Here you can post your questions and suggestions

Manual - In the Spacetrace-Manual, you find information about Spacetrace-technologies

Spacetrace Card-Game - Take your fleets into your own hands and play spacetrace in public with your friends

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