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How to colonize pre-warp worlds



  • look at the strategical colony map strategical_map.png
  • search for reachable uncolonized pre warp worlds (grey planet_grey.gif ) and colonise them with a fleet that has a colony star in it.
    Colonies will provide reinforcements (ri) which are needed to build troops. The reinforcements will be available for all alliance members.


  • Build troop transports and carry them to your (most valuable) colonies to protect them.
    Or carry them to enemy colonies (red planet_red.gif ) to conquer them.
    You need a Colony star to create new Colonies, but you can transport your troops with any warp capable ship
  • if you don't have enough reinforcements to built enough troop transports to conquer an enemy colony, you can build wings of terror to support your troops. with wings of terror you can bombard an enemy colony to lower the organisation of the units on that colony
    A colony with less organisation is easier to conquer, with less units.

Ground Troops

There are 3 different troops

Ground battle is quite simple: you just need more troops to defeat the enemy (a little less if you use the better suited troops).

Colonies provide reinforcements (resource for troops) and have a value which is calculated from the evolution-state of the colony. Colonies evolve depending on time and other things.

Reinforcements are not restricted. Alliances can colonize as much colonies as they want to and get that reinforcements. But the transport capabilities are restricted to the MP of the transport vessels.

best strategical alliances

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