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State of Evolution

Every players reign at a planet must come to an end, otherwise their score would just keep getting higher and higher, and they would not have the chance to explore different races and different ships. Therefore, Star Commander, a well known ST player, invented the Evolution State. This is the process where players reach 100% evo, are visited by The Dominion of the Travellers, and subsequently asked to re spawn, either with the same name, or a different name altogether.

Evolution usually takes around 3 months. It cannot be increase and only decreased if a player decides to delete his/her account. Once a player has evoed, there score is set back to 0, and, if successful enough, their last account may have been put on the highscore list. Once a player has re spawned, they have to research all of the ships again, and also join their alliance again. ALL players who have respawned will either end up in the alliance TF, or the alliance IG.

Your evolution state is measured in %. 0 percent means you have just started. 50% means you have been playing on that evo for 50 days. 100% means that your evo has ended. Dominion of the Travellers is unbeatable. Once you have created a new account, you can go to HQ> Preferences > and there you should see the names of your previous accounts, and the dates which you created them (or respawned them). Check the box if you want players to see that previous account when they message you.

To see what your evo is, go to HQ>Preferences.

evolution2vf4.jpg This is a standard example of somebodies evo. Their state of evolution is 20.6%, which is near 21 days (3 weeks) of playing.

(page written by MJ)