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Galactic News Network (GNN), started it's work on Friday September 9th, in it's very own forums. GNN brings Galactic News and Information accross the Spacetrace Galaxy straight to the screens of Spacetrace players.


The identity of GNN is unknown to most, and only a few, devoted Spacetrace players actually know the person behind the newsdesk. GNN has always been a real, ST player. Two or three people are likely to have been GNN; the first, from September 2005 - November 2005, the second, from April 2006 - September 2007, and the possible third, from July 2008 onwards.


GNN has put out a total of 35 epic stories of the mysterious ST Galaxy.

GNN had two very decisive long pauses between November 14th 2005, and April 15 2006, and Sunday November 26, 2006 to Wednesday June 27th 2006. In which in both sessions new ideas popped up, and even a new discussion took place about who was to replace GNN.

GNN has had again quite a long pause, and hasn't posted since Friday July 7th, on the American based, Independance from UK day. It is unknown how long this pause will last.

Lack of Posting

Because of an abcense in GNN's posting; for whatever reason, GNN inevitably had many discussions in the forums. Because of the need for news, inevitably again, a new News station was made, entitled ''Your News Now (YNN)''.

Your News Now, run by Knight of Truth, lasted only 4 broadcasts. Knight of Truth had attempted to update daily, but stopped seeing the point, as only minor changes were made, inadvertantly handing the work back over to the still active GNN.

Then, a little later on, a new GNN was setup, in the absense of GNN this time. It's name - SpacePirates, operating from a pirated planet in the ST Galaxy. On it's debut day however, GNN started posting again, and little has happened of SpacePirates since. GNN still does not run constantly, and it is hoped posting will be more frequent in the future.

However, on Tuesday, July the 8th, 2008, Galactic News Network was revived after almost a year of non-posting. Since the revival, GNN has provided monthly news updates (excluding September), and even provided a poetry competition, however, to little success.

The next GNN news story is scheduled for some time between the 12th and the 18th of October.