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Total Ownage (=|TO|=) is an alliance which has the reputation of being the most dominant alliance ever, and has fought several wars and played a key role in Spacetrace history. They are currently active.

Brief History of Total Ownage

Originally founded in June 2003 (round 6) it reformed later in the endless round with the reappearance of Shade, TO's leader. Since then every time it has appeared it has been involved in a string of major, era-defining wars. Opposing TO at different times were the alliances HSA, Insane Clones and a long series of coalitions between small alliances.

TO has advantages over most other alliances most notably in the tight friendship between the players, and the coordination of their efforts.

Past members

Founder : Shade

In alphabetical order :

• Achilles
• Big Matt
• Brown
• Case
• Connor
• Darmadon
• Darthmother
• Deathkiller
• Dutchbatter
• Exellence
• Gorthmog
• Imperial Wizzard
• Kamekaze6
• Kandos
• Kepch
• Kever
• Metody
• Nemesis
• Nino
• Robert Roy
• Rubens
• Skyfreak
• Sola
• Spaceragnaroc
• Spyder
• Tea Leaf
• Tyrese
• Turiana

Current Members

•Robert Roy

Please add to this list, if you know more current TO members.