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The CGC have been inactive since the end of March 2009. It is undoubtedly likely that they will never be reformed again; but please note that we know for certain no one was harmed within CGC during this uneasy time.

About Us

CGC was created by Stewie of Family Guy and Ray of The White Lighter in the late Era IX to bring some fun times to an alliance. CGC is known for its positive reinforcement via the alliance forums. Rewards are given for certain accomplishments that are completed as well as various challenges that produce certain rewards set by the alliance leaders. As leaders Stewie and Ray both like to teach the game and are willing to be patient with the training newcomers to the game under the guidance of WFS members. This is not a sub-alliance of WFS in the least. We run as a completely separate alliance with our own wars and battles. WFS is just there to help CGC learn the full potential of the game.


The CGC has had several notable events during their existence.

Our Notable Events

  • Era X Winners
  • Flag capture of AH, held for full 20% value during Era IX
  • Flag capture of NS, held for full 20% value during Era X
  • Flag double grab - return of our flag and captured the XYZ flag within one battle during Era XI
  • War winners of NS vs. CGC war during Era X


There is many awards given out for an alliance members accomplishments via the alliance forums. Here is a brief detail of what you can find by visiting our forums at CGC forums - you can also inquire about joining CGC here as well as well as chatting a bit of WarTalk with us if you happen to be an enemy of ours.

Our Awards to our alliance members:

  • Medal of Honor - capture an opponents flag
  • Medal of Courage - Kill IT of the Travellers
  • Purple Heart - take out an enemy's Defensive Array
  • Platinum Medal - a battle with a result of a +4000 score
  • Gold Medal - a battle with a result of a +2500 to +3999 score
  • Silver Medal - a battle with a result of a +1000 to +2499 score
  • Bronze Medal - a battle with a result of +350 to +999 score
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze stars will be given out at various times by challenges set by the leaders...

You also are rewarded via points for frequently posting on the forums - anyone can use the points system that registers on the alliance forums... and that is explained in the following text

This is determined by 5 points is giving for making a post, 7 points given for a reply and a bonus of .0001 points given per character.

With your points you can exchange them for gems and you can only exchange 1 gem upward or downwards by 2... you can not use your points to get higher valued gems but you can always cash in your points on any value of gem...

The following gems are valued at the following points values:

  • 5 pts. = 1 Ruby
  • 5 Rubies = 1 Sapphire
  • 5 Sapphires = 1 Emerald
  • 5 Emeralds = 1 Purple Emerald
  • 5 Purple Emerald = 1 Tanzinite
  • 5 Tanzinites = 1 Diamond
  • 5 Diamonds = 1 Pink Sapphire
  • 5 Pink Sapphires = 1 Pearl
  • 5 Pearls = 1 Black Diamond

Our Requirements

  • Completing a TWN
  • A minimum of 3 colonies colonized per week - this is now optional but remains an alliance goal to be strong in the colony game as well
  • be able to login once a day minimum
  • willing to actively participate on forums
  • willing to take constructive criticism
  • willing to learn and grow within the game
  • to be able to have fun

If your able to fit this criteria then please inquire via our forums - again the address is CGC forums


Feel free to email me with your interest ::