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Twilight Force [TF] is one of two spacetrace starter alliances. When a player joins the game, they will either join 'TF', or their sister alliance, 'IG'. Twilight Force often has in excess of 30 members, due to the large amounts of inactive new players who reside in the force.


Twilight Force officially opened its doors on December 19th, 2006. Every new player (wether they are re-evoing or just starting out) would be in either TF or IG automatically - they could choose to leave whenever they would wish to - this is a trait continued to this day however more influence is placed on the leader, who is an experienced player and can help with the basics of training.


A leader's job is to assist and co-operate with all of his TF members. Just like any normal leader, the TF leader must place authority within the alliance, however, they are very rarely any conflicts with other alliances to make TF a much safer environment to play within.

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