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The Psylociboids

The Psylociboids 'PSD' are a SpaceTrace alliance founded in Era 7 by Mycilloid Durago of Balshzar.
The PSD ended Era 8 in the top best alliances in the actually SpaceTrace game.
They practice a sporadicly fanatic game play.
Currently the PSDis a top scoring alliance in the Colony mini-game.
Some members of the PSD enjoy splicing DNA and creating new creatures to populate the Universe.

Members of the PSD have included,
Durago of Balshzar
Srict of Peraoil
Augusta of Italia
Mizuula of Ualud

If you are thinking of joining a high ranked alliance the PSD is usually recruiting.

The PSD is a tightly knitted group and have some requirements for joining.
These include, but are not limited to....
1. You must have TWG
2. You must Colonize and put defense on the colonies.
3. You must be ready for battle.

Interested applicants contact the PSD Minister of Communications [1]

More to come........