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Alliances are Spacetrace's core. Ever since Spacetrace was created, alliances were there for members to group together.


Members are the heart of the alliance. There is no real limit on how many members are in an alliance, however, the ultimate number has been argued over a lot, and opinions vary from 1-3 members, to more then 20.


There are 4 positions in an alliance. When you're not appointed to one of them, you are a normal member, and no exclusive privileges are granted.

Alliance leader: The Leader of your alliance. Can change the password, "sell" flags, and generally leads the alliance.

Commander of War, or CoW. Controls the MTWG, and can view the whole alliance's fleets.

Minister of Communications, or MoC. Receives ingame messages directed at the alliance.

Flag Commander, or FC. Possesses the alliance flag, and has the duty of protecting it. -> capture the flag

start a new alliance

you can start a new alliance in your headquarters: just enter a tag for the new alliance, then you can open a new alliance. to join an alliance, you need the tag and password. in the ["Discussion and Recruitment"-forum] you can ask for alliances

alliance messages

you can send messages to all members of an alliance at the same time or just directed to the MoC (see further down).

alliance screen

Here you have the most important information related to your alliance: all members with their online status and coordinates (if you know them), the score of your alliance; you can send alliance round messages and check the alliance incomings. If you are the leader you have access to the ban menu where you can ban players from your alliance (spies, cheaters ...), and the mobile twg screen.
if you are the CoW you have access to the alliance fleet screen

commander of war (CoW)

by default the CoW is the alliance leader, but he can give the responsibility to an alliance member of his choice. The CoW has access to a screen with a complete overview of all alliance members fleets.

alliance fleet screen

here the CoW can see all fleets of all alliance members to organize and coordinate attacks and defense actions.

mobile TWG

The mobile transwarp gate [1] is a movable access station to the transwarp network. with this tool an alliance is able to reach deep space targets faster. the TWG menu page is only accessible to the CoW

minister of communication (MoC)

by default the MoC is the alliance leader, but he can give the responsibility to a player of his choice. the MoC receives all messages that players send to your alliance. he is the ambassador of the alliance. He has access to the diplomacy screen, where he can start war or send peace requests to other alliances.

alliance communication

All players in your alliance are listed in the alliance screen, found in HQ. you can also send a message to all your alliance members there. you can also send messages to other alliances in the alliance ratkings screen.

alliance flags - capturing flags

Each alliance with 3 or more members has an alliance flag and has the right to capture flags of other alliance. this way you can directly attack an alliance and steal points from them, thus you have to keep your alliance flag well protected. To capture a flag you need a special ship: the HQ invader. the rules for flag capturing and re-capturing are described here: Capture The Flag

List of active alliances

This is a list of all active alliances, alliances with only 1 person are not listed. Please add and remove to this list as neccesary. The names are to be in alphabetical order.

for all Alliances in this Wiki, see Category Alliances: [2]


The current scoreboard:

The Scoreboard shows the stats of the alliances, and their rankings.