What is SpaceTrace?

SpaceTrace is a completely free real-time space strategy simulation. the aim of the game is to win space battles by combining different ship-types into successful fleets.

Each player is the ruler of a planet that can build fleets of spaceships.

By optimal tuning of the individual fleet sections and particularly through co-operation with other players within alliances, crucial advantages in the fight against hostile planets can be achieved.

During the game you can research new ship-types with special abilities to arrange more skilful fleet combination.

The SpaceTrace universe is a fully simulated galaxy and all movements are in real time. the thrill of the game is the development of interesting strategies and particularly in joining with your alliance friends in massive battles against other alliances.

What else can be found in this manual?

how to start - a few tips for newbies

Story - the story of spacetrace

Communication - how can i find other players and contact alliances?

Production and Research - how can i build ships and invent new ones?

Races - info about the 5 main races in the universe?

Fleets - how can i organize my fleets and send them outa space?

Battle - explanations about the time flow of space battle

Alliances - the basics of cooperative playing

Technologies - a list of all technologies that can be researched

Tech-Tree - a diagram that shows the dependencies of the different technologies

Forum - here you can post your questions and suggestions