Galaxie CG251 Galaxy CG251
The universe... Innumerable cluster, which contains innumerable galaxies float through the expanding universe.
One small galaxy (CG251) (distance from the earth: 2.8 billion light-years) with 2,3 million planetary systems is scene of this history. CG251 has a diameter of approximately 100,000 light-years. On some planetary systems life developed. The first civilizations arose around 20.000 before 0 NGT (new galactic time). The year 0 of the new galactic time designates the year, in which some civilizations invented Warp drives to start exploration missions to Distant planetary systems. The civilizations of the first hour were the E-Rays, Mycilloids, Humans, Kazuuula und Nanites

[0 NGZ] - deep space exploration
The warpdrives are of an enormous size and can only be carried in very large ships (motherships)

A warpcore
, Which also need large energy sources. The warpcore produces gravitation waves that break the normal space-time-continuum to open a path into the hyperspace. With a warpdrive like this, fleets can bypass enormous distances by travelling through hyperspace. The mothership uses the warpcore as well For keeping a vital real-space-blubble for all ships that convoy the mothership and itself. The first civilizations that developed warpdrives explored the galaxy with motherships, which were accompanied by smaller ships. These fleets bridged huge distances.

[113 NGZ] - The first contact
the first contact of two warp capable civilizations was disastrous. The humans met with the Mycilloids and all communication failed; immediately a dogged space battle emerged. The humans had to accept defeat, since the Mycilloids used reconstructors - a technology unfathomable for humans.

[135 NGZ] - Fanatic Warfare
driven by the defeat the Humans tried a new strategy: fanatic warfare. This was the beginning of the well-known ' hot phase ' of the humans. With kamikaze ships that caused devastating damages to the enemy fleets and also heavy losses also to their own side, the humans bombarded innumerable planets and exterminated thereby some completely peacefull civilizations.

[211 NGZ] - The ascent of the Kazuuulian Dynasty
(211 NGZ correspond 4088 kazuuulian time) In the beginning of Kazuuulian intergalactic space travel the behavior of the explorers was agressive and mute. However a forced landing of a colony ship on Kima 7A, a Mycilloid planet, led to a peaceful contact. In the further process of the war between humans and Mycilloids this contact lost its meaning again, since the war between the humans and the mycilloids escalated.

[472 NGZ] - The climax of the war between the humans and the mycilloids
The appalling behavior of humans was a threat for the peacefull peoples of the galaxy. The oldest civilization, the mycilloids, tried with the help of some other races to stop the Human offensive. With an armada of thousends of mycilloid ships and the help of the E-rays, another old race of the universe and a small Kazuuula fleet (probably only a support, wich was given out of diplomatic considerations) the allied forces fought a crucial battle against the humans. Thereupon the humans agreed to spare at least the defenseless civilisation. However there are again and again reports of marauding pirategroups, which start from human planets and ignore any militaric conventions. The human ambassadors in the galctic council disclaim that the human guilde has any connection to those occurances.

[504 NGZ] - The nanites appear
In the distance the Nanites developed almost unnoticed. The first time they appeared was around 504, at a point where they had researched enough well prepared technologies and strategic theories. Since then they were able to claim their position as a galactic force. Their emerging led promptly to a further pan galactic war, since the existing political structures were shaken by the new power.

[611 NGZ] - the beginning of the second age
During the first age many communication problems between the different races were technically solved. It became possible to conduct negotiations with exact translations. Under this cicumstances the borders between the stricly separated race-specific dynasties became weaker and finnally dissapeared. Alliances with members from all races appeared on the galctic scene and they rule until now. The invention of the Hyperspace jump gates (trans warp network - a network the connects planets with a high-speed-hyperspace-lines) facilitated the organisaton of bigger confederacies.

[702 NGZ] - Technologies
Like always the invention of new technologies changed the warfare.
A transwarpgate  
One very crucial invention was the interceptor (a kazuuula technology). It was needed to oppose something against the superior fighter tactis.
The invention of the mobile Transwarp-gate enabled the positioning of a Hyperspace-jumpgate at a arbitrary position in the galaxy, which established a further mobility advantage for alliance fleet action. The secret research of the humans led to the production of ships that defy conventions, for example the bounty hunter. The scariest invention is possibly the Doomstar (e-ray-technology), which can destroy complete fleets with one stroke.

[792 NGZ] - Legendary battles - the fall of the dylars
Beside the process of the development of larger alliances appeared an alliance on the scene: The Dylars. They abused despicable weapons, that pose a threat to the whole galaxy, to conquer the universe. The allied alliances deliberated on a strike against the dylars and finally they declared war on the dylars. In muliple strategic hot-spots the showdown happened. In this legendary battle the Alliance of the Dylars was annihilated and the threat to the universe was averted. That day the law of the sages was passed:
- only use one account -
- don't share accounts -

it is perpetuated in a golden board in a Sateliten in the place where the crucial battle against the Dylars was struck.

[823 NGZ] - the third age - discovery of the black hole
In the year 823 NGZ: Discovered the long assumed central black hole.

the central black hole
The most important alliances discovered its strategical importance and tried to conquer it. Since then the alliances fight a dogged war to conquest the black hole. This war is the dominating occurence for this age, which which continues still.
Evolution of the universe

Big Bang
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Nucleosysnthese - the Particles occur