basics of communication

communication is the most important feature of the game.
you can send messages to other players, therefore you have a com list.


you can send messages to every player, if you know the name of his planet or its ruler.
arriving messages show up in the message window in the middle of the screen. to send a message to a player just click on the name.

com list

each player that sends you a message is automatically added to your com list as well as those you attacked or who attacked you. you can send out probes to find other players. all players found by probes are added to your com list.
in the player search on that page, you can search and add other players to your com list, if you know their names. if you also know their coords, you can add these to your list too. you can also delete them from your com list. if you do so, the coords of that player, that you found out already will not be lost. if you add them again, the coords are still there.

planet list

the planets-screen shows the coords of uninhabited planets and the names of players that abandoned their planets

abandoned planets
if you don't log in for 8 days, your planet is considered 'abandoned'.
the fleets of the players of the abandoned planets cannot be attacked. they shifted into subspace. they only come back, if the players log in again.

on the pre-warp-planets you can leave messages and sometimes they reveal ancient technologies.

alliance communication

all players in your alliance are listed in the alliance screen, found in HQ. you can also send a message to all your alliance members there. you can also send messages to other alliances in the alliance statistic screen.