Basics of space combat

The first thing is the attitude, see the attitude section in Fleets. All fleets with different attitudes fight against each other.
each ship has attack points (AP) and lifepoints (LP). Before combat the order of the ships in each class is shuffled and a random fleet starts to fight against one other fleet, until all fleets fought against each fleet.
for each battle between two fleets the ships shoot in alternate order always ship against ship. Some ships have special abilitys, that also depend on this order.
if the fleets stay in the battle area after the fight, then they just stand there and don't fight against each oher until the next confrontation time is over which is after 24 hours. (the remaining time is shown in the fleet screen)

Detailed battle example


The battle happens in the order of the classes. The smallest classes fight against each other first.
if one fleet has no ships in that class, then the next bigger class is approached. Ships of different classes cannot fight against each other unless one of the players has classes, that contain no ships.

Special ship abilities


Some ships have the ability to jam other ships. If a ship is jammed it cannot fight anymore, and the next ship of the other player has its turn.
100 EMP-fighter vs 100 destroyer
i.g. All destroyers are jammed this way ( exception: the player with the destroyers shoots first, then in this battle one EMP-fighter would be destroyed)


The clone ship transforms into the clodes ship, until end of combat. It has exactly the same abilitys like the original.


A reconstructor-ship reanimates disabled ships (ships with 0 lifepoints). Ships with less lifepoints than 0 are completely destroyed and cannot be reconstructed. Examples:
- a destroyer that was hit by a destroyer has 0 LP and can be reconstructed
- a fighter hit by an eagle (2/10) cannot be reconstructed because it has -1 lifepoint


At the end of each combat, you get points equal to the manpower (mp) of the destroyed ships minus the mp-value of your own losses.

for example: ( mp to build a fighter: 1)

your losses: 50 fighter
enemy losses: 100 fighter

your score: +50
enemy score: -50

the score for the destruction of the shipyard and the research-center is 500 for each.


After each battle a report is generated and send to you. The battlereport contains all confrontations and all special effects of the involved ships.
you can view all old battlereports in HQ.